’12 home wins in a row’ Man United, the secret is Ten Hag leadership?… “There are 3 golden rules”

The secret to Manchester United’s success was the leadership of Eric ten Haag (53).

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ said on the 4th (Korean time), “Fred revealed the ‘three rules that all players must follow’ that coach Ten Hag put forward. He believes that all three are important for players to obey the team.” reported.

Man United has been on a steep rise lately. Starting with the match against Tottenham in October of last year, he won 12 consecutive home wins and jumped to 4th place in the league. They also reached the round of 16 in the FA Cup, and advanced to the final in the Carabao Cup, leaving only one win to the trophy. 온라인바카라

The evaluation continues that coach Ten Hach, who took office ahead of this season, has changed the team. Bruno Fernandez praised the experience of running 13km with him after the shock loss against Brentford last August as a turning point for everyone to unite. At the time, coach Ten Hagh let the players run the day after the game when he lethargicly fell to his knees at 0-4, and he surprised the players by running with him.

Coach Ten Hag is emphasizing strict discipline at Manchester United following his time at Ajax. He enforces a strict dress code, set meal times, no cell phone use and no drinking, with severe penalties for breaking them.

The locker room is no exception. In a recent interview with the British ‘Times’, Fred revealed the three ‘golden rules’ of director Ten Haag. “Coach Ten Hag has set rules in the locker room. Never be late, never do anything wrong and always do what you can to help your teammates. That’s important,” he said. 

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