‘2023 Youth Yanggu Middle School First Grade Football Festival’ for all, Day 2 concludes

The second day of the 2023 Youth Yanggu Middle School First Grade Football Festival was held at Yanggu Sports Complex. The festival, which features 13 teams in the 9-a-side and 16 teams in the 11-a-side, will continue until June 6.

In the 11-a-side matches on the second day, Gyeonggi Ki Hoon Junior FC and Seoul Jungbu Middle School won their respective matches, giving them two consecutive victories. In the 9-a-side matches, Gyeonggi Anseong United U15 and Gyeonggi Dongtan United U15 continued their winning streaks with two wins apiece.

As the festival prioritizes providing opportunities for first-year middle school soccer players to play, there are no separate grades or awards. However, the MVP of each match is selected to motivate the players, making the event even more special.

In this match, 14 players, including Lim Eun-chan of Gusan Middle School in Seoul, were named MVPs. The tournament committee chairman Jung Hae-sung of the Korea Football Association, who visited the festival, personally presented the players with Yanggu cultural gift certificates provided by Yanggu County.

Kim Young-mi, secretary general of the Yanggu County Sports Foundation, which sponsors the Youth Yanggu Middle School 1 Festival, said, “We are pleased that the festival in Yanggu will provide an opportunity for the first-year middle school soccer players, and we hope that it will be a meaningful memory for the players and their parents who visited Yanggu during the holiday season.”

The festival is a KFA-sanctioned elite competition, jointly organized and hosted by the Yanggu County Football Association and Ribbon Corporation Lab, 스포츠토토 and sponsored by Yanggu County, Yanggu County Sports Foundation, Yanggu County Sports Association, Gangwon Province Football Association, HD Hyundai Oil Bank, Ilhwa, Varona, Shinsung Delta Tech, SportsTribe, and Pocheon Ginseng Farmers’ Union. In addition to the game, the festival will also feature a variety of other events, including the selection of the MVP of the game, the Barona Lifting Showdown event, and the McCall Header Challenge.

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