’25 Steel’ Yeong Sang-cho defeats Dankwan-cho who stands tall and wins 3 consecutive victories

The girls’ elementary school preliminaries have been completed.

On the 21st, at the Kimcheon Gymnasium and Gimcheon Auxiliary Gymnasium, the 22nd Korea Basketball Association President’s National Elementary School Basketball Tournament Women’s Elementary Preliminary Final was held.

Sangyeongcho beat Dankwancho 50-44 after a fierce battle of reversals and reversals against Dankwancho, who were fighting for the top spot in Group A.

Sang-cho recorded an average of 21 steals in the previous two games. Dan Kwan-cho also showed off his ability to steal as well as Yeong-gwan-cho with an average of 19 steals.

However, in the face-to-face match on this day, it flowed into a height confrontation between Yeongyeongcho’s steel and Dankwancho’s.

The game of Park Bing also slanted to the beginning of the screening from the end of the second quarter. Yeong Sang-cho put pressure on Dan-gwan-cho with an all-out pressure defense, and through this, scored. Sangyeong-cho led 28-20 at one point in the third quarter. 스포츠토토

Danguancho did not stand still. The regional defense slowed down the score in the beginning of the screening. Grab a defensive rebound or launch a quick attack with a pass play. He scored 7 points in a row and narrowed the gap to 1 point. In the end, with 31 seconds left at the end of the third quarter, Park Ji-min scored under the goal to turn the score around 31-30.

As the battle resumed, both teams exchanged quick attacks. Yeong Sang-cho, who had been dragged slightly until the middle of the 4th quarter, scored a goal through a jumper and breakthrough based on solid advanced defense, and ran away with a 50-42, 8-point gap with 1 minute and 12 seconds left. It was a moment close to victory.

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