5-6 U-22s on the 18-man roster… Director Lee Young-min’s ‘Hye-an’, this year’s training is in progress

This year, director Lee Young-min and Bucheon FC’s prospects will continue to be fostered.

Bucheon, led by coach Lee Young-min, won 4-0 in an away game against Chungbuk Cheongju FC in the 9th round of ‘Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023’ held at Cheongju Sports Complex on the 23rd. Bucheon (13 points), who escaped from 3 consecutive losses, raised the ranking to 6th place.

Director Lee dramatically increased Bucheon’s power with an excellent eye. He actively employed young players and encouraged their growth and development. Moreover, this season, Cho Hyeon-taek (Ulsan Hyundai) and Oh Jae-hyeok (Jeonbuk Hyundai), who were very active last season, left the team. Still, there is no big shake. Although they suffered three consecutive losses, the trend did not last long.

On this day, Bucheon also had 5 players under the age of 22 (U-22) on the 18-man list (Seo Myeong-gwan, Kim Seon-ho, Yoo Seung-hyun, Ahn Jae-joon, and Kim Kyu-min). Up to 6 people were together, about 5-6 people included in the 18-member roster, and they all did their part.

In particular, Ahn Jae-joon, who has been in the team for 3 years, is truly exploding his potential. He scored multiple goals and scored his 5th goal of the season. The score ranking is also tied for first place at once. Ahn Jae-joon said, “I don’t think that being young is anything but. He wants to reciprocate as much as the coach gave him a chance. If I do well, the team will do well,” he said.

Kim Seon-ho also scored the team’s third goal that day. Although he left due to an injury, Yoo Seung-hyun played the role of Alto in karate and defense. 안전놀이터 Defender Seo Myeong-gwan also played a pivotal role in the three-back, contributing to the team’s scoreless goal.

Director Lee said, “While there are teams that only use U-22 resources for a short time, we don’t,” he said. “But this shouldn’t become a reality. It can be a part of the team being weak,” he said. The team itself should be in a condition where players in the middle layer can enter rather than young resources. Regardless of age, I want to give players who are prepared a chance.”

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