A catcher who joined the 20-20 club after 23 years… The real strength is ‘durability’

One of the competitiveness of JT Realmuto (32, Philadelphia), the representative catcher in Major League Baseball (MLB), is durability.

He digested 1131 and 2/3 innings at home in the 2022 regular season. He was 127 and 2/3 innings more than Sean Murphy (then Oakland Athletics), who was second in the division. Realmuto’s defensive innings combined with the postseason (PS) are 1281 and 1/3 innings.

This record is the 3rd most defensive innings (catcher standard) in a single season as of the last 14 years. Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Perez has more records than Yadier Molina did in 2011 (1309) Realmuto in 2014 (1389 and two-thirds). Both catchers were the best of their time.

MLB’s all-time leading catcher Johnny Bench, who won 10 Gold Glove Awards, also admired Realmuto’s durability. He praised the fact that he kept home for over 1100 innings even though he was positioned in the center of the batting line. Bench called it “a phenomenal record”. 안전놀이터

Realmuto’s career contribution-to-win ratio (WAR) was 29.7. It ranks 38th all-time. If Realmuto, who has accumulated an average WAR of 4.7 per year, continues this performance for five more years, he can record a WAR of 53.1. He is still in his early 30’s. The average WAR for all-time MLB catchers inducted into the Hall of Fame is 53.7.

Recently, MLB.com digested the active catcher rankings and placed Real Muto in first place. Not only did he record the most innings pitched by a catcher in 2022, he also joined the 20-20 club with 22 homers and 21 stolen bases. This was the first time in 23 years since MLB legend catcher Ivan Rodriguez achieved 35 home runs and 25 stolen bases in 1999.

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