A soccer interpretation of the draw in the ‘Legendary Match’

The stock investment frenzy three years ago made my ears flutter. A year later, ‘Hyeonta’ visited the house, and the stock account balance returned to where it came from (general bankbook). Then, my friend praised me by saying, “Hey, that’s how you make money.” It is a passive defense of the ‘Financial Maginot Line’. (I refrain from making harsh comments about the reduction of real income due to inflation.)

In sports, this interpretation of life does not work well. Especially in professional sports, winning and losing are immediate and clear. Win or lose, it’s a world of black and white, all or nothing. Unlike life where everything is ambiguous, sports determine the ‘winner’. so refreshing When the target I cheer for (team, individual) wins, I feel as if I won. It’s the concept of ‘BIRGing’ (basking in reflected glory). Sports fans spend time and money to visit the stadium because they want to see the victory. In sports, the result of winning or losing is a factor that must be provided.

Soccer is a little different. A draw exists. even frequent The 2022 Qatar World Cup final was also officially a draw, but because it was a tournament, the winner was forcibly (?) decided. In league play, that method is not used either. They call in tens of thousands of spectators and end the game without deciding whether to win or lose. Last season, Daegu FC had 16 draws (42%) out of 38 league matches.

Paradoxically, I wonder if a draw is the mechanism by which football attracts fans. There are times when soccer doesn’t decide whether you win or lose. just like our life It is said that similar beings have a gravitational force. the two look alike Even in our daily lives, the boundary between winning and losing is ambiguous. Between success and failure, most people live in a moderate ‘draw state’. Just as it is difficult to make a girlfriend, it is very difficult to score a goal in soccer. Maintaining a relationship is as difficult as maintaining a lead situation, and it often ends in ‘zero’. It’s like watching life. So it’s easy to empathize and more affectionate.

On May 5th, Children’s Day, FC Seoul and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors faced each other. Despite the forecast of record heavy rain, 37,000 guests attended the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Gustavo scored the opening goal 11 seconds into the game. It was like pouring green cold water once again on the heads of the athletes and supporters in Seoul, who were soaked in the spring rain. Fortunately, at the end of the match, Park Dong-jin, the ‘mad dog in this district’, scored an equalizer for Seoul. The game, which had been ‘green’ throughout the game, eventually ended in colorless with ‘black hair’ mixed in. 크크크벳

A draw could be said to be a salvation for both teams. It may have been regrettable that Seoul could not break the jinx of the ‘legendary match’ that lasted more than 2,000 days by taking advantage of the momentum at the beginning of the season. However, on May 5, Children’s Day, the undefeated record was maintained. He also presented the joy of being revived right before the ‘loser’ through a last-minute goal. At least I didn’t become a bowed loser in front of the children. It can be said that it is not a bad result in a big match.

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