‘Absolute Evil’ semifinal series. ‘Kim Seung-gi Derby’, ‘Red Ginseng Derby’. Carrot’s Counterattack vs KGC’s Suseong

The playoffs are always interesting. If there is a ‘story’, interest is maximized.

‘Bad connections’ meet. It’s exciting. Anyang KGC, the regular season winner, and 5th place Goyang Carrot collide at a single wooden bridge in the semifinals.

The confrontation between the two teams is called ‘Kim Seung-gi Derby’ or ‘Red Ginseng Derby’.

Coach Kim Seung-gi, who put KGC in the championship game for the second year in a row. However, after last season, the team moved to Goyang Carrot. Coach Kim wanted to renew the contract, but KGC’s contract conditions were strict.

Manager Kim was dissatisfied with the way he treated KGC as a strong team, and KGC felt uneasy about manager Kim’s outspoken words and actions.

In October of last year, Carrot left for an expedition to Anyang. After the game, coach Kim said, “I was cut. I didn’t give any red ginseng (a red ginseng health drink). The person who left came to visit for the first time. How can this be? (I feel) like a beggar.”

Director Kim’s comments provoking KGC were also made in February. The KT exhibition held in Goyang on the 10th. At the time, Carrot was in a state where the wages of the players were in arrears due to financial difficulties.

In response to a question about this, coach Kim said, “(KGC) General Manager Jeon Sam-sik learned to care very well. I am running the team while reducing everything. I am really grateful.” Perhaps he was conscious of the aftermath, he said, “I answered the question because it came out.”

KGC finally moved. KGC, which endured once, requested a finance committee from KBL. Requested discipline from manager Kim for defamation of the club.

KBL ended the clash between the two sides with a warning.

The two teams, who fought a fierce battle of nerves this season, will meet in the quarterfinals.

Carrot was dramatic. At first, it was also unclear whether she would advance to the semifinals. He had to pay the balance of 1 billion won for joining KBL by March 31. Otherwise, membership was disqualified, and advancement to the final 6 was automatically frustrated. Support was completely cut off due to financial difficulties in the construction of the parent company, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. The contract with the main sponsor, Carrot, was also terminated.

Carrot had to find a parent company along with a balance of 1 billion won. It was full of negative prospects. But dramatically, Carrot paid 1 billion won in full and advanced to the playoffs in the 6th round.

The opponent in the round of 6 was Hyundai Mobis. Carrot had another bad news. Jeon Seong-hyeon, the absolute ace, missed the round of 6 due to sudden deafness. The superiority of Hyundai Mobis was expected.

However, Carrot caught the second game, and Jeon Seong-hyun made a dramatic comeback in the fourth game, which was driven to 1 win and 2 losses, and after a bloody battle going up to the 5th game, confirmed advancing to the semifinals with 3 wins and 2 losses.

KGC is relatively relaxed. 1st place in the regular league and confirmed a direct advance to the semifinals. There is Oh Se-geun, who is exceptionally strong in the playoffs, and Mun Seong-gon, the best defender in the league who can block Jeon Seong-hyun one-on-one, and Byun Jun-hyung, who has grown into one of the best main ball handlers this season. In addition, foreign players include ace Omari Spellman and 10th dan Daryl Monroe.

On the other hand, Carrot is still not in 100% condition. In addition, Jonathan Alledge, who is supposed to assist Didric Lawson, is less capable. However, the morale of the Carrot team, which dramatically passed the round of 6, skyrocketed.

Of course there are difficulties. Due to the club’s financial difficulties, head coach Kim Seung-gi also uses a double room on expeditions. The players are paying for their lodging with their own money without receiving support from the club. 메이저사이트

Lee Jung-hyun, who grew up as an ace in the 6th round, and multiplayer Didric Lawson are still Carrot’s strengths. In addition, Jeon Seong-hyun, who survived the 6th round, can also participate.

Still, the outlook is KGC’s absolute advantage. KGC seems impregnable for Carrot to target both objective power and matchup. However, the short game is full of so-called ‘crazy players’ and numerous variables. One of the variables is that both teams are entangled in a terrible bad relationship centered on coach Kim Seung-gi. Coach Seunggi Kim left a meaningful message saying, “I will never just die.”

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