After the Juventus shock disciplinary storm, a large striker was released to the market

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The aftermath of Juventus’ punishment is strong. The fate of large strikers is also in a different mood.

Juventus recently received a 15-point penalty from the Italian Football Federation. The Juventus club is accused of fraudulent accounting, such as overestimating transfer fees to balance the club’s accounts.

As a result, Juventus dropped to 9th in the league with 23 points. Let alone winning, it is difficult to advance to the European Champions League right now.

For this reason, there are rumors of a transfer of Doosan Blahovic, the leading striker. Blahovic’s desire to play on the big stage is expected to be used by other big clubs.메이저사이트

Serbian national team striker Blahović showed his qualities as a large striker at Fiorentina. After a fierce scouting battle in January of last year, Juventus embraced Vlahovic. After transferring to Juventus, Blahovic has played in 36 matches, scoring 16 goals and providing 4 assists, revealing his presence.

Blahovic’s contract with Juventus runs until the summer of 2026. However, the big clubs who have recently heard bad news from Juventus are wanting Blahovic.

Local media ’90min.com’ reported that Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain, and Bayern Munich are exploring the signing of Vlahovic.

If they have to sell Vlahovic, Juventus are said to want to receive the 70 million euros they paid to bring him from Fiorentina plus 10 million euros for sexual options. Combined, it is a huge amount of about 107.5 billion won in Hanwha.

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