Another ‘acting manager’… there is no long-term power after Pochettino

Again, it is an acting manager system. Since Mauricio Pochettino, 3 managers have already gone.

Tottenham Hotspur said on the club website on the 27th (Korean time), “Coach Conte has left the club by mutual agreement. He qualified for the Champions League in his first season. We thank Conte for his contributions and look forward to future success. I wish you,” he officially announced.

“Christian Stellini will lead the team as acting manager for the remainder of the season, and Ryan Mason will serve as head coach,” he added.

It was an expected ending. Early last week, multiple media outlets, including Britain’s ‘Telegraph’, covered Conte’s imminent breakup. In particular, ‘Talk Sports’ predicted that an official announcement would be made within the weekend, but the news was announced on Sunday night in local time.

Now, Tottenham will spend the rest of the season as an ‘acting manager system’. Some predicted that they would use the A-match break to appoint the next coach, but there is not enough time. Directors mentioned include Julian Nagelsmann, Luis Enrique, and Pochettino. It is believed that after the end of the season, the process of appointing a manager will be followed. 토토사이트

It is already the third time since Pochettino. Earlier, Pochettino took over on 14 May 2014 and was sacked on 19 November 2019. It was a long-term rule of more than five years. After that, each did not exceed 2 years. Jose Mourinho for 517 days (assigned on 20 November 2019 – fired on 19 April 2021), coach Nuno Santo for 124 days (assigned on 1 July 2021 – fired on 1 November 2021), coach Conte These were 510 days (from November 2, 2021 to contract termination on March 26, 2023).

The ‘acting manager’ is the second time after Pochettino. Earlier, Tottenham appointed coach Ryan Mason as acting manager after sacking Mourinho. And in the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) final against Manchester City, it was defeated 0-1 and finished runner-up, and the English Premier League (EPL) ended in 7th place.

Now, acting coach Stellini has an important schedule ahead. In the midst of an unstable 4th place, the remaining 10 games must be played well in order to qualify for the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) next season. However, it is not easy with Newcastle United, Manchester United and Liverpool matches remaining.

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