Another ‘KIM mention’ Inter legend, “Osimen can’t solve all problems, there are no two most physical”

Inter Milan’s legendary defender Giuseppe Bergomi once again mentioned the importance of Kim Min-jae.

Napoli are facing the biggest crisis of the season. The momentum of advancing as if not knowing defeat had been completely lost. The blow of the A-match period in March was great. As many of the key players who played a big role in their team were selected for the national team, they were unable to preserve their stamina, and key striker Victor Osimen also withdrew due to injury.

Only 1 win in 4 matches. AC Milan lost 0-4 in the league match, and also lost 0-1 in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). The ensuing match against Ellas Verona was also a 0-0 draw. The only consolation thing is that most of the main players have been rested due to the wide rotation operation.

The upcoming UCL is a watershed moment. Even though Napoli has been faltering lately, winning the league is certain as they have collected so many points by March. Napoli, which is aiming for a double, must win the second leg of the quarterfinals against AC Milan on the 19th (Korean time).

Ahead of an important match, thousands of troops and horses returned. Osimen is back. Osimen stepped on the ground after being substituted in the 28th minute of the second half against Ellas Verona. Although he had just returned and was not in perfect shape, his decisiveness was still the same, such as hitting the goal post in a short time.

Still, Bergomi felt that Napoli’s situation was not improving. He told Italy’s ‘Sky Sports’, “Napoli is a well-organized team regardless of a central striker. Osimen’s return certainly instills a sense of security, but I can’t believe that it will solve all problems.”

It was because of Kim Min-jae’s departure. Kim Min-jae was suspended for receiving a warning in the first leg of the UCL quarterfinal against AC Milan. Andre-Frank Jambo Anguisa has also been sent off and will not be able to play in the next match. 먹튀검증

Regarding this, Bergomi said, “Napoli doesn’t have the two most physical players. There are two very important players missing in the face-to-face confrontation with AC Milan. AC Milan is a team that uses a lot of physical advantage in competition and marks,” Kim Min-jae said. warned that the departure of Napoli could harm Napoli’s tight organisation.

Meanwhile, Bergomi has repeatedly praised Kim Min-jae. Representatively, in the program ‘Sky Calcio Club’ of ‘Sky Sports’ in October of last year, “There were some doubts about Min-jae Kim. But he proved that (Napoli’s choice) was not wrong. It’s lacking in defense, but it’s much more meticulous in defense.”

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