Archen WC winning member, ‘Messi tattoo’ engraved…”Eternal glory”

Nicolas Otamendi engraved ‘teammate’ Lionel Messi on his body to commemorate World Cup victory.

Argentina’s ‘Mesor Informado’ said on the 31st (Korean time), “Otamendi decided to pay homage to Messi through a tattoo. The tattoo design is accompanied by the phrase ‘Eternal Glory’ and Messi wins the World Cup trophy. It was engraved with the back of Messi holding a ceremony with his arms wide open.”

Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He ascended the throne after 37 years since 1986. At the time, Argentine players had a strong motivation. It was Messi’s ‘Last Dance’. The players came together to give the trophy to Messi, who declared that it would be the last World Cup.

Messi’s performance was also great. Messi scored 7 goals and 3 assists in 7 matches from the group stage to the final. In the end, Argentina won the final against France after a bloody penalty shoot-out. Messi also won the Golden Ball (Best Player of the Tournament). 

Otamendi, who played an active role as Argentina’s main center back at the time, recently got a new tattoo commemorating World Cup victory. Ota Mendi, now 35, is a veteran who has played 102 matches for Argentina since making his A-match debut in May 2009. He was always with Messi during that period.

Otamendi revealed the process of tattooing on his social media. Otamendi, already famous for having numerous tattoos on his body, has added a new tattoo in tribute to Messi. Messi, who came across this, also thanked him. 메이저놀이터

According to Mezzor Informado, Messi said: “I’ve seen a lot of things happen to me about winning the World Cup. But having a tattoo like this on my teammate Otamendi is more than special. Thanks, Otamendi. !” he replied. 

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