“AT Madrid, continuous negotiations with Lee Kang-in for 10 days”… Individual agreement OK, buyout payment is the key

News that Mallorca midfielder Lee Kang-in is negotiating with Atlético Madrid spread, and weight was placed on staying in La Liga. 

Spanish media Lelevo reported on the 30th (Korean time), “There is good progress between Lee Kang-in and Atletico.” 

Lee Kang-in has grown into a representative La Liga playmaker this season and is attracting the attention of many teams. In addition to Premier League Aston Villa, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Burnley, and Tottenham, recently, the prestigious La Liga Atletico has also been on the list of interest. 

It was even reported that Atlético coach Diego Simeone directly approved the signing of Lee Kang-in, and it is known that they are actively recruiting Lee Kang-in to the extent that there are reports that if Lee Kang-in transfers, Thomas Lemar, who has an overlapping position, will leave the team. 

In the midst of this, news that there was a contact between Lee Kang-in and Atletico with good progress was reported, and the possibility of Lee Kang-in transferring to Atletico and remaining in La Liga increased.  스포츠토토

Lelebo revealed that Atletico is still in contact with Lee Kang-in, saying, “Even after the meeting in Madrid, Atletico will continue to contact Lee Kang-in for the next 10 days. Atletico will try to stay ahead in the recruitment competition.” 

Local media in Mallorca reported that Atlético had already offered 10 million euros (14 billion won) for Lee Kang-in in the transfer market last winter. Recently, Lee Kang-in visited Madrid for an away game against Atletico, and it is expected that he also held a meeting for negotiations with Atletico in the process. 

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