‘Ball stuck in heavy rain + rain forecast’… Coupang Play “Prepared and ready to go”

Rain is not expected to be a factor in the upcoming match between Team K League and Atletico Madrid.
Team K League, led by head coach Hong Myung-bo (Ulsan Hyundai), and Spanish La Liga giants Atletico Madrid will play the 2023 Coupang Play Series at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8 p.m. on July 27.

Team K-League is composed of 22 players, including the ‘Fan Eleven’ who were supported by fans for each position and the ‘Pick Eleven’ selected by the coaching staff, including Hong. Sejingya (Daegu FC) received the honor of receiving the most fan votes.

Atletico is a powerhouse in La Liga alongside Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. They have won 11 league titles, 10 Copa del Rey titles, and three UEFA Europa League titles. This is the first time Atletico, which was founded in 1903, has traveled to South Korea.

“The conditions are not perfect for both teams, but I would like to thank both Atletico and Team K League for coming to Korea for the sake of Korean football,” said Hong, the head coach of Team K League, at the official press conference held a day before the match. “We are not competing for the win, but I hope the players of Team K League will represent the league with pride and put on an impressive performance for the fans.”

“Thank you for the hospitality and welcome at the airport and hotel,” said Atletico coach Diego Simeone. “We will work hard to repay them with a good game and make sure the fans enjoy it.” “We want to play with anticipation, hope, strength and passion and share it with our fans.”

After the press conference, Atletico and Team K-League held open training sessions. During Atletico’s training, it suddenly rained heavily. It was so heavy that it covered the players’ sweat. But the fans didn’t let that stop them from watching the Atletico players train. Antoine Griezmann, João Felix, and other Atletico players greeted the fans with hand gestures in between drills.
The players and fans didn’t mind the rain, but not the field. When the Atletico players started playing a mini-game, the standing water on the ground hindered the ball’s progress. Halfway through, the ball came to a halt. 꽁머니지급

Showers were also forecast for the day of the match. According to the National Weather Service, showers are forecast for the area around the stadium from 1pm to 5pm. This is before kickoff, but there are still concerns about the ground conditions.

Coupang Play is confident that they will be able to organize a normal game. “The Seoul World Cup Stadium is managed by the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation,” said a representative from Coupang Play, “and we will follow the corporation’s manual in case of rain.” “On the day of the match, we will prepare according to the situation, so there is no difficulty in proceeding.”

Meanwhile, Atletico will face English Premier League (EPL) champions Manchester City at the same venue on March 30 after the Team K League match.

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