Boston, take a breath… Story, “I am confident of returning for the 2023 season”

While there are many opinions about the return date of Trevor Story, who has been away for a long time, the player himself opened up about it.

On the 11th (hereafter Korean time), Story had surgery to put an implant in the right elbow ligament, and it was said that it was similar to Tommy John surgery. It is expected that it will take 4 to 6 months to return, but opinions have emerged that the season may be out because the exact schedule has not been set.

However, the player himself was confident that he would return this season.

Story participated in the club event on the 22nd and had a meeting with a number of media outlets such as the ‘Boston Globe’. He said, “Of course I will play this season. Injuries aren’t always good, and it’s a pity not to be able to play on the pitch. But he thinks he’s in good shape. 스포츠토토 He will definitely be able to go back.”

Boston, which started the season without a starting shortstop, prepared for this in the offseason. They brought in outfielder Adam Duvall to help utility Kike Hernandez play shortstop.

Here, existing Christian Arroyo can also step up as a backup, and if he feels he’s not enough, he can find a new shortstop in the free agent market. Currently, Boston is linked to Josh Harrison and Elvis Andrews, so the possibility of signing remains.

Of course, the best option for Boston is a quick return to the story. Again, let’s pay attention to how Boston, which is considered the lowest candidate for the American League East Division, will get out of the crisis that came before the start of the season.

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