‘Cheer for Siyoung’… Home game for only one person in the K-League

A special K-League home game is held for only one person.

Seongnam FC invites Hong Si-young (11), a long-time fan, and his parents in a home game against Cheonan City FC in the 7th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ kick-off at 1:30 pm on the 16th at Tancheon Sports Complex. According to the Seongnam club, Yang Hong has been supporting his parents and Seongnam FC since he was 5 years old. However, as the news that he was recently diagnosed with childhood cancer and fighting the disease became known, the club has been planning a home game to pray for Si-young’s recovery.

On the day of the match, the Seongnam club set up a booth at each gate to leave messages of support for Si-young. Also, for his birthday on March 7th, the home fans will applaud him wishing for a speedy recovery in the 37th minute of the first half. In addition, Seongnam players appear wearing T-shirts with cheering messages for Si-young when entering the game. I decided to wear an armband for the entire 90 minutes hoping for his recovery.

In addition, the Seongnam club also takes its feet off to raise money for treatment necessary for fighting the disease. 50% of the income from home games on the day will be supported for medical expenses. The team also raised money on its own. T-shirts worn by the players will be sold separately through the online store with the player’s autograph after the game. 100 T-shirts with the same design are also sold on-site and online, and all proceeds are used to pay for Si-young’s treatment.

Si-Young’s favorite player is known to be veteran goalkeeper Kim Young-Kwang. Kim Young-kwang said, “I have vivid memories of always shouting ‘fighting’ with a bright smile on my face at the stadium. However, I was worried because I couldn’t see her from a certain moment, but recently I heard that she was fighting a disease.” He said, “I want to play a game that gives strength to Si-young by becoming one with me and the players in the game against Cheonan. I hope that good energy will be transmitted to him.” 안전놀이터

Park Jong-im (44), the mother, said, “When Si-young was diagnosed with childhood cancer, I was in a dark place and didn’t know what to do. There were many times when I secretly wanted to cry, but I am grateful that the Seongnam FC soccer team, which made good memories, gave me so much support that I cannot express it in words,” she said. She also said, “I will make sure that Si-young is fully recovered and goes to the stadium with a bright face again to support Seongnam.”

An official from Seongnam said, “As Siyoung has supported Seongnam so far, I think it’s time for us to support and help him. I hope that many people will come to the stadium and support Siyoung.”

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