‘Countdown begins’ Sky Sports “Kane to stay at Tottenham if Munich move falls through before kick-off”

The countdown has begun.

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ reported on Feb. 2 (KST) that “Bayern Munich want Harry Kane and will improve their £82 million offer. He has 12 months left on his current contract with Tottenham Hotspur. Kane is expected to remain at Tottenham if he is not sold before the start of the English Premier League (EPL),” the report said.

“Kane is understood to believe that out of respect for new boss Enze Postecoglou, he does not feel a departure after the start of the season would be justified. However, other sources suggest that a move before the September 1 transfer deadline is still a possibility. Munich are looking to improve on the £82 million they have already spent, which is a club record.”

Kane transfer speculation is hot. “Munich made a £60million bid with add-ons for Kane, which Tottenham Hotspur rejected, followed by a £70million bid with add-ons,” explains The Guardian. ‘The Athletic’ also reports that “Munich have made a second offer for Kane and are waiting for a response. Coach Thomas Tuchel and Kane have discussed a potential move,” adding that the possibility of a deal was raised.

There were also reports that Kane and Munich had met in secret. “Tuchel is targeting Kane as the perfect replacement for Robert Lewandowski,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported. According to sources, Tuchel held secret talks at Kane’s home in London,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Kane told Tuchel that he wants to compete for trophies with Munich. Tottenham chairman Levy was reportedly furious with Tuchel over the way Munich approached Kane. Levy wants to make Munich ‘bleed’,” the report added.

As such, Munich made two bids, both of which were rejected. The notoriously hard-nosed Levy is blocking them. Tottenham have just one year left on his contract, but they’re sticking to their “Not For Sale” (NFS) stance unless it’s for £100 million.

However, it’s difficult for Tottenham to maintain their stance. 스포츠토토 They could pocket £135 billion for the player now, but if they fail to re-sign him, they could give him away for free next summer. The Munich hierarchy has reportedly even traveled to London to meet face-to-face with Levy.

Kane has been with Tottenham for a long time, from youth to world class. Now, as he approaches the twilight of his playing career, he faces a crucial decision about his next move. He has three options: stay in the EPL after his contract expires, join Munich and break into the German game, or stay at Tottenham and leave his mark as a living legend.

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