‘Direct hit to the head of the 171km batted ball’ Pitcher who collapsed on the mound, the sky helped “a scene I hate to think about”

Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Ryan Yarbrough (32) had a dizzying experience that almost got him seriously injured. 

Yarbrough started the match against the Oakland Athletics held at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, USA on the 8th (Korean time) and recorded 5 ⅔ innings, 3 hits, 2 strikeouts and 1 run. 

Yarbrough, who cruised with one run through the 5th inning, got on the mound in the 6th inning when Kansas City led 2-1. In a situation where there was no one runner, Yarbrough, who faced Ryan Noda, threw a sinker at 87.9 miles per hour (141.5 km) on the 6th pitch in a 3-ball 2 strike, and Noda hit the ball with a sharp hit. However, the ball flew straight to Yarbrough’s head, and Yarbrough, who was hit directly in the head, fell off the mound. 

Immediately, the players and trainers rushed out to check Yarbrough’s condition, and Yarbrew, who was replaced by reliever Carlos Hernandez, fortunately got up and headed to the dugout. It was a really dangerous moment because the exit velocity reached a whopping 106.2 miles (170.9 km). 

MLB.com, the official major league media outlet, said, “Yarbrough, who was hit by the ball, had a big lump and immediately left the field. “Coach Matt Quatraro is monitoring Yarbrough’s condition and he said after the game that he is undergoing further evaluation in the hospital.”  스포츠토토

“It was a really scary moment,” Quattraro said. At that moment, the dugout went silent. My heart was pounding. It’s hard to think of a worse situation on the pitch. Fortunately, Yarbrough was talking when we ran out and knew what was going on. But the lump was swollen and bleeding, but I don’t know exactly where it came from.” 

On this day, catcher Salvador Perez, who worked with Yarbrough and Battery, said, “It was extremely cold. I don’t like to see scenes like that. I don’t even want to suffer like that. We hope he recovers without incident,” cheering Yarbrough. 

Meanwhile, Noda, who threw the dangerous ball, was also worried about Yaburo. MLB.com said, “Noda checked Yabro’s condition and tried to get his contact number to contact Yabro after the game.”

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