DRX, ‘the strongest in the Pacific’, overcame the victorious Gen.G and won 5 consecutive victories

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 Pacific Week 5

▶DRX 2v1 Gen.G

1 Set DRX 13 <Haven> 7 Gen.G

2 sets DRX 10 <Fracture> 13 Gen.G

3 sets DRX 13 <Pearl> 4 Gen.G

DRX was also strong. In the confrontation between the teams that had been winning all over again, DRX won the victory with one level higher performance.

DRX won the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Pacific Week 5 match against Gen.G Esports with a set score of 2 to 1, which was held at the Sangam Africa Coliseum in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 22nd. Gen.G, who was winning all the matches that day, recorded their first loss, while DRX continued to win 5 in a row, raising the possibility of 1st place in the regular season.

In the first set held in ‘Haven’, all DRX players played evenly and overpowered the opponent. In the pistol round, two were caught first, but “Stacks” Gu-taek Kim and “Buzz” Byung-cheol Yoo quickly turned to point A and broke through the opponent. In round 3, Myung-gwan “Mako” Kim used a shotgun to accumulate kills in a melee, and in round 4, Guo-min created a clutch and continued the momentum.

Tactics (tactics) also shone. Whenever the opponent was equipped with an ‘operator’, he blocked the variable by unfolding a prepared strategy using skill linkage. In round 9, DRX gained momentum by winning zero defects, and took 10 consecutive rounds, ending the first half with an 11-1 score.

Entering the second half, DRX allowed the opponent zero flaws for three rounds in a row, starting with the pistol round. DRX, who gave up momentum, was pursued 11 to 6 as they could not easily accumulate the remaining 2 points until victory. In Round 18, Myung-Kwan Kim played an active role and broke the losing streak.

DRX, who played in ‘Fracture’ for the first time this season, played a tight game in the second set and eventually lost. DRX, who finished the first half tied, lost momentum in the second half to Gen.G, played by ‘King’ Lee Seung-won, and eventually lost their first set of the season 10-13.

In the last set with ‘Pearl’ as the stage, DRX showed their usual strong appearance again. Taking the lead in the pistol round, DRX took a 2-0 lead thanks to Yoo Byung-chul’s triple kill in the next round. Driven by momentum, DRX ended the first half with a round score of 9 to 3, taking a lead in the territory battle with Guo Min’s harbor at the fore. 메이저놀이터

DRX, who started attacking in the second half with a 6-point lead, lost in the pistol round, but in the very next round achieved the ‘king of saving’ and counterattacked, taking one step closer to victory. Afterwards, DRX, who created a match point in round 16, finished the match thanks to Yoo Byung-chul’s performance in round 17, where he survived until the end and caught his opponent.

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