Expectation and burden of winning → Manager Kim Sang-sik, who looked at the club and players first… “Thank you, I’m sorry”

Head coach Kim Sang-sik (47), who put the club and players first, is ending his company with Jeonbuk Hyundai.

On the 4th, Jeonbuk officially announced that “Director Kim Sang-shik is laying down the baton.” 

He continued, “We plan to appoint an optimal successor manager as soon as possible to minimize the agitation of the team,” and said that head coach Kim Doo-hyun (41) will take the temporary baton. 

Coach Kim, who had been in Jeonbuk for 15 years as a player, coach, and manager, has put an end to his long journey.

After joining Jeonbuk in 2009, he served as playing coach (2013) and head coach (2014-2020), succeeding coach Jose Morais (Portugal), and rose to the position of Jeonbuk’s 6th command tower in 2021.

Coach Kim, who had been with Jeonbuk for a long time, was not as bright as the 2023 season. It’s because the results didn’t follow in the professional world that speaks by results. With only 10 points after 10 games played, Jeonbuk is staying in 10th place, which is not suitable for a ‘myeongga’ club. 

Manager Kim first informed the club of his intention to resign. This was reported after losing 1-2 to Daejeon Hana Citizen at home on the 26th of last month. The date is the 29th. In the match against Daejeon, coach Kim was sent off due to strong protest in the previous game (2-0 win against Jeju on April 23), and was criticized by the fans after losing at home.

Jeonbuk is known to have once rejected director Kim’s intention to resign in the spirit of the parent company’s ‘Treat people carefully and provide maximum support’. However, on the 29th of last month, after another 0-1 defeat at home to Gangwon FC, he finally decided to resign.

The current evaluation of coach Kim, who is stepping down, is not good, but his past should not be erased along with it. 메이저사이트

In Jeonbuk, coach Kim won two regular league championships (2009, 2011) during his active career, and six times (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) after changing his status as a coach, and rose to the top. Then, as a manager, he won the regular league and FA Cup once each in the last two seasons. From 2009 to the end of this day, coach Kim shared the moment of Jeonbuk’s league championship nine times.

It is a highlight among them that he won the league championship in his first year in charge (2021) and put Jeonbuk on the 5th consecutive league title.

Coach Kim tried to return to the top after finishing runner-up in the league in the 2022 season, but this season did not work out as he intended. Even in the midst of that, he’s taken care of players who might be having a harder time. The reason he earnestly asked the fans to “wait a little longer” was because he had faith in the players who would return to their place someday. 

In addition, coach Kim always tried to sublimate the burden of winning anticipation on his own as much as possible. 

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