First exposure of ‘name’… Bento successor selected, full-scale work has begun

Reporter Ahn Young-joon = For the first time, a new ‘name’ has been connected to the Korean national football team manager position, which has been vacant after coach Paulo Bento left. This is a meaningful indicator as it confirms that the full-scale work to select a successor has begun.

Spanish Radio Cadena SER said on the 19th (Korean time), “The Korea Football Association (KFA) has contacted coach Jose Bordalas.” ” reported.

In relation to the appointment of a new supervisor, which had only been rumored before, it was the first time that a direct ‘new face’ was revealed.

It is not yet at the stage of considering the possibility of manager Bordalas. However, as the name has been revealed, it can be confirmed that not only director Bordalas, but also the KFA’s behind-the-scenes work on the list of candidates has become quite concrete and is in progress.

On the 4th, KFA appointed Michael Müller from Germany as the new chairman of the power reinforcement committee, and announced future plans for the selection of Bento’s successor through a press conference on the 11th.

At the time, Chairman Müller said, “There is a list that we have received before, but we will start over from the beginning and open all possibilities.” revealed 슬롯사이트

On the 18th, KFA appointed Hanyang University head coach Jeong Jae-kwon as director of the power reinforcement committee, and Son Ho-young, head of the Gyeongbuk Football Association, as administrative inspector, respectively.

However, it seems that behind-the-scenes work was already underway apart from the composition work.

As the transfer of big-name coaches begins in earnest after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, KFA is also essential to appoint a leader that fits its philosophy and budget.

Next, attention is focused on what kind of director candidates will be added in the future. Chairman Müller said that the nationality of the new coach has not been decided, but “I am (a foreigner) German. I will approach internationally,” suggesting that he is putting weight on foreign coaches.

Of course, Korean leaders are not completely excluded. The KFA has stated several times that it does not care about the nationality of the applicants.

Meanwhile, KFA is preparing for the debut match of the new manager to be held in line with the schedule for the first FIFA official A match in 2023, which will be held between March 20 and 28.

However, Chairman Müller also conveyed his intention, “Rather than unconditionally promoting ‘quickly’ according to the schedule, we will make sure that the director is appointed according to the procedure.”

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