From last place in batting average to first place in high school… A dream salary of 200 million? Just do it like Chanho Park 

Will I become the 200 million man of my dreams? 

Attention is focused on the 2023 annual salary of Park Chan-ho (27), the immovable shortstop of the KIA Tigers. Among the beasts in the 2022 season, he proudly took first place in the high school. He is a shortstop with high defensive contributions as well as hitting. Here, he even grabbed the second stealing king in his life. There is a strong possibility that his annual salary will rise vertically.  

After Park Chan-ho joined the team, he did not show much activity and hovered around the minimum annual salary. He only raised it to 42 million won in 5 years. 온라인바카라.After completing his military service, in 2019, as a full-time third baseman, he won his first stolen base king and began to increase his salary. His high performance rating soared from 42 million won to 102 million won in the 2020 season at once. 

After that, I took a breather. He turned shortstop for the 2020 season and played in 141 games, but finished last in regulation at bats (. 223). He did not receive a high performance, so his 2021 annual salary was cut by 5 million won. He was content to keep 100 million won. In the 2021 season, he also played full-time and made an impression by recording a batting average of .246 and 59 RBIs. He rose to 120 million won. 

His performance in his 2022 season was outstanding. He set the best record of his life. He played in 130 games and had a career-high 560 plate appearances. He batted 2.7 with 2.4 homers, 45 RBIs, 81 runs scored, and 42 stolen bases for a .685 OPS. He became the second best base stealer and made significant progress as a hitter, with the most walks (57) and the fewest strikeouts (67) in his debut. 

In defense, he made mistakes occasionally, but he became more solid. Stable catcher and accurate throwing ability have improved. Hoseobi, who kicked off difficult batted balls, was also good at it. He gradually began to gain recognition as the league’s premier shortstop. There are also evaluations that he is a complete shortstop with three times of offense and defense, such as digesting leadoff now.

He finally rose to 1st place in his debut team’s high school performance. He was a contribution that exceeded 30% hitters such as Na Seong-beom and Socrates Brito, who ranked first in attack power. For this reason, there is also a positive outlook that his annual salary will rise to 200 million won. If 80 million won rises, he joins the 200 million won club in 9 years (7 years of actual operation) after joining in 2014. Park Chan-ho is writing a wonderful success story.

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