Gangwon FC Season Ticket Donation Relay by Gangwon Provincial Heads… Seo Heung-won, the capital of Yanggu-gun, also participated.

Seo Heung-won, Yanggu County Mayor, participated in the Gangwon FC season ticket purchase-donation relay.

On the 15th, Suh received a visit from Gangwon FC CEO Kim Byeong-ji and decided to join the season ticket purchase-donation relay event in hopes of Gangwon FC’s success.

The season tickets donated by Suh will be delivered to the underprivileged. 메이저사이트

Suh said, “We will help as much as possible in Yanggu-gun so that Gangwon FC, a provincial club, can achieve good results this season.” did.

CEO Kim Byeong-ji said, “I know that Yanggu-gun is active in sports marketing. Gangwon FC will make an effort to help revitalize Yanggu-gun’s sports marketing.” I responded.

Gangwon FC season tickets can be purchased at Interpark Ticket until March 31, and are sold in three types: Gangneung, Chuncheon, and integrated. If you bring a season ticket, you can enter the stadium without a separate advance reservation, and you can watch home games excluding the FA Cup final.

Meanwhile, Gangwon FC will play the K League 1 home opener against Ulsan Hyundai at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon on March 5.

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