‘Goodbye’ Cho Kyu-sung… Jeonbuk’s Go-Byeol Goal → Start of European Challenge “Please Support Me Hotly”

Cho Kyu-sung (25)’s European challenge begins.

On September 9, Jeonbuk Hyundai posted a message of support on the club’s official channel, saying, “Cho Kyu-sung is ending his stay with Jeonbuk,” adding, “No matter where he goes, we hope that he will continue to walk his own path as he is now, and that the experiences and memories he has accumulated here will always keep him resolute in the face of any challenge.” In the next post, he asked, “Please support Jo Kyu-sung’s new challenge even more passionately.” “Thank you Jeonbuk Hyundai,” Cho Kyu-sung wrote in response.

The 21st round home game of the K League One Hana One Q K League 2023 between Jeonbuk and FC Seoul at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on April 8 became his “farewell” game. After the game, Cho announced his departure from the team in front of the fans.

He scored his ‘farewell goal’ on the day. In the 21st minute of the second half, with both teams tied at 0-0, Lee put his left foot on a cross from the right flank to open the Seoul goal. Knowing it was his ‘farewell’, Cho gave his team a win in his final game.

Mittwilan (Denmark) is the likely destination for Cho as he looks to challenge for Europe. He had offers from several teams in the English Championship (second division), but he chose Mittwilan. Mittwillan reportedly offered a transfer fee of £2.6 million ($4.2 billion). Cho didn’t reveal the name of the team after the game, but he said he was attracted to the active courtship.

After the game, Cho boarded a plane to Denmark the next day at Incheon International Airport. Once there, he will finalize the transfer process, including medical tests, and an ‘official announcement’ is expected soon.

Cho shot to stardom when he scored two goals against Ghana in the second group stage match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. His high-flying headers opened up the Ghanaian goal and attracted interest from a number of European clubs. 메이저놀이터

At the time, top European clubs such as Celtic (Scotland) and Mainz (Germany) reached out to him. However, Cho chose to stay at Jeonbuk on his own terms, following the advice of other footballers around him, including Jeonbuk technical director Park Ji-sung and former coach Kim Sang-sik.

His summer move was a done deal, and he chose a somewhat unfamiliar club for Korean fans. Founded in 1999, the club is considered a powerhouse, having won three league titles. However, as Cho Kyu-sung has his sights set on the English Premier League (EPL), there are many people who are concerned about the difficulty of ‘stepping up’ to Mittwilan. Of course, Cho Kyu-sung is unwavering in his attitude.

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