‘Han Hee-won, Choi Sung-mo play together’ KT, Sungkyunkwan University ‘teach Han Soo’

KT is past the point of season preparation.

Suwon KT won 103-90 in a scrimmage against Sungkyunkwan University at the Suwon KT Victory Center on Nov. 11.

Both teams had to play without their big men. KT was without Ha Yoon-ki, Lee Doo-won, and Park Chan-ho due to international duty and injury, respectively, while Sungkyunkwan University was without starting center Kim Yoon-sung due to injury.

Both coaches talked about speed and small lineups before the game.

The start of the game was no different. Both teams started the game with quick transitions. KT took a narrow lead. Choi Sung-mo and Han Hee-won showed their determination. They scored points by finishing fast-break passes.

They also used a full-court press and trap defense to stop Sungkyunkwan University’s offense. Sungkyunkwan University applied the same method of defense, and the offense was led by Kang Sung-wook and Park Jong-ha. KT took a 6-8 point lead midway through the second quarter.

After the midway point, Sungkyunkwan came out strong. Jung Bae-kwon connected on a series of quick three-pointers, and the defense became more focused, stopping the KT offense. The lead narrowed to three points, 42-45, inside the final minute. It was KT who scored the last points. Choi Sung-mo scored on a tip-in.

Throughout the first half, both teams played with physicality and activity. Even in set offense, they added man-to-man rotations and pressured each other. KT led by only 5 points.

In the third quarter, KT went on a run. It was the result of effectively targeting the Sungkyunkwan University defense, which showed problems with physical strength. They created space effectively, and their finishing stood out. Han Hee-won hit back-to-back three-pointers, followed by Choi Sung-mo. At the end of three minutes, the lead was 14 points, 58-44.

At the four-minute mark, Sungkyunkwan University made a change by inserting Kang Sung-wook and others, and the renewed focus on defense brought them back to within five points, 55-60. KT continued to play their third squad with the keyword ‘improvement’ to keep the game close.

There was no significant change in the flow. Both teams spent time in the 5-7 point range, and KT ended the third quarter with just a 5-point lead, 72-62. 먹튀검증

In the fourth quarter, KT brought back its best lineup, including Han Hee-won and Jung Sung-woo. The score seemed to be widening, but Sungkyunkwan University remained focused and kept the game close. At the end of three minutes, KT led by only six points, 80-74.

With three minutes left, KT definitely pulled away. They definitely took advantage of Sungkyunkwan University’s weakness in physical strength, mixing steals and free throws to win 94-77. Sungkyunkwan University had problems with their stamina due to the fatigue of continuous practice games and lost the close game. KT went on to win the game.

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