Heo Soo-bong 800 million Lim Dong-hyeok 500 million → Park Cheol-woo 5 times the most contract tie… The men’s FA market has just come down, only Na Kyung-bok has transferred

The men’s free agency (FA) market ended on the 19th.

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) announced the contract results of players who obtained FA qualification through a press release on the 19th. There were 16 players who obtained FA qualification this year.

Of the 16 players, 15 remained in the original team. Korean Air has a total of 500 million won with Lim Dong-hyuk (annual salary of 350 million won, an option of 150 million won), a total of 406 million won with Cho Jae-young (annual salary of 300 million won, an option of 106 million won), and a total of 252 million won with Yoo Kwang-woo (annual salary of 300 million won). 170 million won, option 82 million won).

Hyundai Capital gives Heo Soo-bong full guarantee of 800 million won without an option, and gives Moon Seong-min 350 million won (annual salary of 210 million won, option of 140 million won). He signed a contract with Park Sang-ha for a total of 300 million won (annual salary of 180 million won and an option of 120 million won).

KEPCO signed a contract with Park Cheol-woo for a total of 151 million won (annual salary of 120 million won, option of 31 million won). With this, Cheol-Woo Park set a tie record of 5 FA contracts in the male division owned by coach Oh-Hyun Yeo of Hyundai Capital. KEPCO signed a contract with another domestic rabbit, Jo Geun-ho, for 204 million won (annual salary of 150 million won, option of 54 million won). 토토사이트

Na Gyeong-bok, who belonged to Woori Card, is the only transfer student in this market. He chose to transfer to KB Insurance on the condition of receiving a total of 800 million won (annual salary of 600 million won and an option of 200 million won). Na Kyung-bok is scheduled to join the military, so he can play from the 2024-25 season, but he can quickly join the team when he wins the gold medal at the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games.

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