Hong Sang-min of Yonsei University, who achieved 6 points in a row, why is he reflecting?

Hong Sang-min (19, 200 cm) seemed to be reflecting on his good grades.

Hong Sang-min of Yonsei University participated in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Sungkyunkwan University held at the Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 10th, contributing to the team’s victory (84-65) by recording 8 points and 1 rebound. On this day, Yonsei University added 1 win and continued the season undefeated march (6 wins in 6

matches). His seniors filled that part well. Thanks to him, it is fortunate that he was able to win.”

Yonsei University is evaluated as having made the most progress in selecting new players in 2023. Hong Sang-min is one of the five freshmen. As if to reciprocate the public’s favorable reviews, Hong Sang-min played for 4 minutes and 45 seconds in the 2nd quarter when he was substituted, recording 8 points and 1 rebound. In particular, the 6 points he scored in a row was enough to tip the game.

Hong Sang-min said, “I tried to do what I am good at. Every team has weaknesses, so I thought that Sungkyunkwan University would have weaknesses as well. He dug into that part. So he was able to score up to 8 points,” he cited as the reason for the good second quarter. “There are a lot of tall people on our team, so we take the double post. Today, the opponent took the game with one big man. He helped me understand the tactics of the front line by going to the help defense or talking. Also, the coach made a lot of demands defensively,” he pointed out the point he focused on that day.

On this day, Yonsei University reached halftime with a score of up to 18 (62-61). However, the flow of the game changed in the third quarter. It allowed the opponent to chase and allowed a tie twice. Yonsei University opened the fourth quarter with a narrow advantage of one point. For Hong Sang-min, the encounter at university must have been somewhat unfamiliar.

Hong Sang-min said, “The start was good in the second quarter. But at the beginning of the third quarter, I think I ruined the flow. I came out (to the bench) and reflected a lot. The reason for the replacement in the middle today (10th) is also being recognized. If I enter the game again, I will try to make up for it and become a good player.” 온라인카지노

Yonsei University’s freshman class of 23 has a clear balance of roles within the class as well as positions. According to another freshman Kang Ji-hoon, Lee Joo-young and Hong Sang-min are in charge of the atmosphere, Lee Chae-hyung and Lee Hae-sol play the role of controlling excitement, and Kang Ji-hoon is neutral.

Hong Sang-min said, “(Lee) Joo-young and I like a pleasant atmosphere. (The two) seem to be on the side of talking a lot. (Laughs) It seems that (Lee) Hae-sol and (Lee) Chae-hyung are I (introverts) and the rest are E (extroverts). High school lasts 3 years. But colleges are together for 4 years. They also live in a dormitory together. That’s why I’m trying to have more fun,” he agreed with Kang Ji-hoon’s position.

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