How to Create the illusion of Space with Interior Design

When it comes to home design, more and more homeowners are looking towards creating homes that look and feel spacious without sacrificing functionality and style. Often, not having a general idea of how you want your home to look can make it difficult to adhere to a specific aesthetic, and can even make it difficult to keep your home looking tidy. So it’s a good idea to know the tips and tricks of creating the illusion of space with interior design, because it’ll help you develop your own personal space without that cluttered, disjointed look.

Below are some tips on how you can use interior design to create cohesive spaces that align with your design needs!

Let the Light in!
Often, a space can look dreary or stuffy because of the windows – or, better put, what you’ve put on them. Drapes and curtains can add a dark look to any space, especially if you have utilised darker shades for the fabric. Instead, it can be a better idea to use blinds or shutters, as these provide some shade from the sun streaming in the windows, but it doesn’t block all the light from coming in. Allowing natural light to enter a room helps to create a light and airy atmosphere, which helps especially in smaller sized rooms to create the feel of a bigger space.

Need to use curtains? Try and hang the curtain rod higher to create the illusion of the room having taller walls, and use lighter fabrics.

Think of your Base Materials
It’s easy for a room without anything in it to feel and look large. So when you’re adding furniture and decor, it’s a good idea to be mindful about what kinds of materials you’re using for your space. Kitchens, for example, can look wide and spacious by using transparent materials like glass and acrylic, which help the eye see further. Glass kitchen islands can actually look like they’re floating, which is a stark difference from a solid, dark marble countertop that could make a space look smaller because of its shade and its solid mass taking up a lot of visual space.

Not liking the idea of glass? Reflective surfaces are just as effective at creating the illusion of a bigger space. Think mirrored kickboards and high gloss cabinets to help light bounce around the room to create a lighter and larger feel.

Something Beautiful Underfoot
Interior design emphasises the importance of well-thought-out flooring, especially when you’re planning on creating a space that looks bright and big. If you’re thinking of using tiles, larger tiles with thinner grout lines can make a small space feel larger.

Not interested in tiles, and want something with a classier, timeless look? Timber flooring in Melbourne might just do the trick. Narrow timber planks can be a great way to make small rooms appear longer and more formal, but be mindful of using lighter shades for these as darker timber can make a room look busy. For rooms with simple decor, narrow timber planks are an ideal addition as they add texture to the room while still drawing the eye.

Wide boards are also a great option for minimalistic, rustic, or ultra-modern designs, which are usually the types of interior design homeowners go for when they’re after bright and cheery rooms that look spacious. Wide timber flooring planks such as engineered European oak flooring are recommended for both large open areas and smaller rooms. Large open areas with wide planks present luxury and opulence, and create a striking impression that’s hard to replicate. Wide boards in smaller rooms create a beautiful illusion of space, especially light coloured floors with a glossy finish that reflects natural lighting.

Narrow rooms benefit from 토토 wide timber planks being placed perpendicularly to the long side of the room, tricking the eye to make the space appear larger and wider. Have a chat with your local timber flooring supplier to get an idea of how you can make your space look bigger and brighter with the right flooring solutions!

Mind your Storage
Clutter can be an issue when you’re dealing with a smaller space, because the more you have, the tinier a space will feel. It’s easy to accumulate decor and possessions, but it’s hard to know where to put things in the right place. So thinking about the right storage solutions can actually be the best way for you to create a cohesive, light design that still provides you with room to store your belongings without a feeling of claustrophobia.

Of course, you can utilise wardrobes and shelving to provide storage for your things. But a good tip to think about is to create discrete storage: think window seats, storage ottomans, and everything in between.

Pick your Shades and Patterns
Soft shades create an airy feel in any space, but don’t be afraid to add in a pop of colour with decor such as cushions to create a focal point that keeps the space from looking bland. Small patterns in your soft furnishings can actually make your living space look larger than it is, so don’t be afraid to go for patterns in your seating solutions.

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