I dream of becoming the second Shin Young-seok & Lim Myeong-ok… Kim Jun-woo & Choi Hyo-seo, Korean volleyball hopes grow

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance middle blocker Kim Jun-woo (23) and KGC Ginseng Corporation Libero Choi Hyo-seo (19) won the 2023 Rookie of the Year Award.

At the 2022-2023 V-League Awards Ceremony held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 10th, Kim Jun-woo and Choi Hyo-seo received the Rookie of the Year awards in the women’s division. Kim Jun-woo received 18 votes out of a total of 31 votes. Choi Hyo-seo got 17 out of 31 votes.

Choi Hyo-seo said, “I lacked a lot this season. I will practice more so that I can show a good image.” Choi Hyo-seo, who met with the reporters again after the awards ceremony, repeatedly thanked him, saying, “I didn’t play much in the second half of the season, but I’m grateful for the award.”

Looking back on this season, Choi Hyo-seo said, “The start of the season and the match against IBK are the most memorable.” The reason for this is “because it is the first game in which I started. That’s because I met his older sister on the opposing team.”

He dreams of becoming the ‘second appointed prison’. Choi Hyo-seo said, “Myung-ok Im is comfortable receiving. She wants to emulate that,” she explained.

Korea Expressway Corporation Libero Im Myung-ok was also selected as one of the best 7 women at the awards ceremony. She was recognized as the best libero in the league. He is a role model for Choi Hyo-seo.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance middle blocker Kim Jun-woo, the protagonist of the male rookie award, said he wanted to resemble veteran middle blocker Shin Young-seok, a pillar of Korea Electric Power Corporation.

Kim Jun-woo said of his acceptance speech, “I am grateful to my parents for always trusting and supporting me.” He added, “It seems that running a lot helped” as the foundation for receiving this award.

“I finished the season well and even received an award. Kim Jun-woo, who said, “I had the best season in my first professional season,” received a congratulatory bouquet from Shin Young-seok, a senior player.

Kim Jun-woo said, “Before the award ceremony, he said, ‘I hope the center will receive it. It’s an honor. He set a goal, saying, “I will become a player like Shin Young-seok.” 토스카지노

Looking back on this season, he said, “Personally, I was not satisfied. I told the coach that I would work hard during the off-season and show a good image next season,” said Kim Jun-woo.

It remains to be seen whether Kim Jun-woo, who promised to “become a perfect player in various fields such as blocking,” can grow like Shin Young-seok, the representative middle blocker of Korean men’s volleyball.

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