“I love baseball so much”… The cold winter, the passion of the 16th year burned again

“I can’t even go to a camp, and it’s an experience that can’t be easily done by myself.”

Jeong Chan-heon (33, Kiwoom Heroes) dramatically visited the team ahead of the opening.

Jeong Chan-heon, who exercised his rights after obtaining FA status after the end of last season, had to build himself alone without being able to sign a contract.

Joining the LG Twins in the 2nd 1st round (1st overall) in 2008, expectations were raised that he would become a large pitcher. He seemed to be bursting with potential, posting 27 saves in 2018, but injuries followed. Eventually, in 2021, the team moved from LG to Kiwoom due to a trade with Seo Gun-chang.

It seemed to be resurrected with 9 wins in 2021, but last year, I came out in 20 games and threw 87⅓ innings, leaving 5 wins and 6 losses with an average ERA of 5.36.

Although he was valuable as a first-team pitcher, as many clubs went with the stance of giving young players a chance, Jeong Chan-heon was in danger of becoming a ‘missing FA’.

Elementary team Kiwoom joined hands again. On the 26th, Jeong Chan-heon’s agent made the final offer, and Kiwoom received a larger amount than the amount Jeong Chan-heon’s side suggested.

Jeong Chan-heon offered the club a down payment of 150 million won, an annual salary of 100 million won, and an option of up to 100 million won over the two-year contract period. Kiwoom said, “Chung Chan-heon’s value as a player is higher,” and signed a contract for a total of 860 million won, including a down payment of 200 million won, an annual salary of 200 million won, and an option of up to 260 million won for two years. 스포츠토토

After twists and turns, Jeong Chan-heon, who succeeded in signing a contract with Kiwoom on the 27th, said, “There was a time of waiting while going through a difficult time, but the club paid a lot of attention under good conditions. Thank you for caring more than the scale I initially thought.”

Jeong Chan-heon, who could not participate in the club’s spring camp, has been building his body alone. He said, “Since February, I went to Gangneung, Suncheon, etc. to make the most of the camp. Also, Hongik University provided a place for me to train, and later, Seongnam Magpais helped me train. Thank you very much and thanks. I was able to train without putting it down.”

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