“I was hit with a bat” vs “I doubt the reliability”… Lee Young-ha’s trial for abusing school ‘truth battle’

The truth battle over suspicion of school violence against Doosan Bears Lee Young-ha (26) is prolonged.

Lee Young-ha is accused of violence against a junior at her school when she was in Sunrin Internet High School. Lee Young-ha’s classmate, LG Twins Kim Dae-hyun, was also charged with the same, but was acquitted by the court on the 10th. The court concluded that the credibility of the victim’s statement was low.

However, Lee Young-ha’s trial is getting longer. Following the first and second trials, Lee Young-ha attended the third trial on the 20th. In the third trial, witnesses were questioned about the violence, harshness, extortion of ramen noodles, and forced laundry at Taiwan’s field training in January 2015.

Lee Young-ha’s two-year junior at Sunrin Internet High School and victim A’s one-year junior, Mr. B, attended as a witness. Mr. B was the first to report the fact of school violence between Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun on the Internet. 

Mr. B said, “There were often gatherings. After gathering, we went to the room and hit heads as a group. I met Lee Young-ha in the hotel hallway and called him to an empty room. After hitting him with a bat, he said, ‘Remember this. I remember. It was hit without any context,” he explained.

Then, Mr. B also told the story of forced labor in his room. “Definitely, I went more than 10 times. Lee Young-ha and another player gave me the password, and I went to wake up in the morning. I remember going almost alone in the morning. I even washed the laundry. I waited on a lot of players.” Mr. B’s statement was specific.

However, when Lee Young-ha’s side asked about the extortion of ramen, Mr. B replied, “I’ve never been deprived of ramen or snacks. I don’t know exactly who else. I’ve seen Mr. A get cheated on, but I don’t know about ramen.” 메이저놀이터

I also couldn’t properly remember how I submitted the fact confirmation to the Sports Ethics Center in September of last year. Lee Young-ha’s side questioned him, but Mr. B said, “It’s true that I wrote and signed it, but I never submitted it myself. I don’t remember exactly because I was in the army.”

Mr. B was in the hospital from March to May 2015, and then transferred to another school. Mr. A claimed that the harassment at home occurred in August and September 2015. There are parts where the timing is not right.

Lawyer Lee Young-ha and attorney Seon-Woong Kim said, “Mr. B was hospitalized from March to May 2015 and then transferred. I don’t think the testimony related to the prosecution indicted by the prosecutor has any value as testimony at all.” I wonder if they will doubt it. It seems that there are a lot of selective memories. It can affect credibility.” 

Lee Young-ha’s next newspaper date is March 3rd. Two additional witnesses requested by the prosecution will attend. A sharp confrontation between the two sides continues.

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