“I’ll try to win within two years” Manager Park Chung-gyun, Jung Joon, promoted to Seoul E

Park Choong-gyun, the new coach of Seoul E-Land, has only two promises.

Coach Park was chosen as the new command tower to lead Seoul E-Land in the 2023 season. Coach Park worked as a coach for Jeonbuk Hyundai from 2013 to 2018, and later served as coach in China and Vietnam, gaining various experiences. Although he takes the baton for the first time in the K-League, it is expected that he will lead the leap of Seoul E-Land based on his seasoned leadership.

Coach Park, who we met in Gapyeong on the 6th, said, “I am honestly worried because it is my first time in the K-League. But you can also expect it. If it is late, he has a great desire to do well as he became a K-League manager at a late age.”

Director Park’s first goal is to ‘bet on color’. He said, “It is colorless and odorless. He doesn’t want to be told that he doesn’t know what kind of football he plays. I want to hear that E-Land definitely plays this kind of football. The biggest goal is to create a style that comes to mind when you think of our team,” he said. “We will play soccer that hits first, not waiting for the opponent to hit. It will not be an easy challenge in the K-League, but I want to go out aggressively.” 토토사이트

He continued, “I’ve been thinking about this part for a while. While watching the World Cup, I came up with a lot of aggressive work ideas. Whether it’s a three-back or four-back, the goal is to attack. I plan to train and introduce it in earnest.”

Coach Park signed a 3-year contract with E-Land, but also brought out the goal of seeing a match within 2 years. He said, “It is difficult to promise that we will be promoted right away this year. However, he believes that in 2024 he must be promoted. If you sign a three-year contract but don’t get promoted next year, you’ll consider yourself a failure,” he said. “Many people want to see the Seoul Derby. Every year, E-Land ran towards this goal, but it has not yet been achieved. I feel a great sense of responsibility. It is a goal that I really want to achieve.”

The idea is to draw one’s capabilities toward two goals. Coach Park said, “I talked with the players and I am looking forward to it. Maybe the players are nervous because they don’t know my style well. It is the stage of adapting to each other. Depending on how the players do it, they can become star guardians or Hitler,” he laughed. In addition, he said, “Don’t all members of E-Land have the same goal? They are there to make each other better. If we move towards a single goal, we can achieve good results this year,” he expressed his anticipation. 토토사이트

As coaches to assist, he chose young coaches such as Lee Ho and Jung Hyuk. He said, “Unfortunately, I brought juniors who were with me from Jeonbuk. Some people think the two coaches are worried about their lack of experience, but I am not. Both are serious and sincere. I know what to do. Although there is an age gap with me, I think I will get a lot of help. I want to create a synergistic effect,” he said.

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