Incheon United’s 20-year history… Opening of ‘Special Exhibition’

“I have a new feeling when I come and see it. I think of the past a lot… .” 

A special exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the founding of Incheon United, which contains the 20-year history of professional soccer, kicked off. Incheon is the first time that a K-League club has held a club-related exhibition through a museum. Lim Joong-yong, head of the Power Reinforcement Office of ‘club legend’ who visited the exhibition in person, smiled heartily, saying, “It makes me reminisce about the past.”

On the 4th, the Incheon club held the opening ceremony of the special exhibition <Again, Emerging: Incheon United FC 2003-2023> at the Incheon City Museum. The exhibition can be viewed free of charge in the planning exhibition room on the second floor of the museum until June 18.

The exhibition hall is divided into three spaces. Part 1 ‘Begin. The Path that Incheon Football has Walked’ depicts the process of Incheon becoming a football city, and the second part, ‘Team. Incheon United F.C’ shows the Incheon club’s struggles from Munhak Stadium to Incheon Soccer Stadium, and the third part ‘Fan. The twelfth player’ contains various stories of Incheon fans who met while preparing for the exhibition.

In the exhibition, you can look back on the 20-year history of the Incheon club, including the previous uniforms and history. Items from legends were also on display, including coach Yoo’s Incheon team’s padding, which was delivered by the bereaved family of the late coach Yoo Sang-cheol, uniforms directly sent from Japan by Mugosa (Vissel Kobe), and active duty uniforms from team legend Lim Joong-yong’s Power Reinforcement Office. Not only the players but also the stories of the fans were displayed, and audio materials as well as visual materials were prepared here and there.  먹튀검증

Director Lim Joong-yong, who has been watching the exhibits here and there for a long time, said, “I also watched the video, and watching the team score a goal when they escaped relegation made me think back on that time.” It seems to be a trigger. That’s why it’s more meaningful,” he said.

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony was attended by Lee Haeng-sook, Vice Mayor of Culture, Welfare and Political Affairs of Incheon City, Incheon City Council Chairman Heo Shik, Han Woong-soo, Vice President of the Professional Football League, Jeon Dal-su, CEO, Yoo Dong-hyeon, Director of Incheon City Museum, Lee Chan-young, CEO of Bupyeong Cultural Foundation, Director Jo Seong-hwan and Lee Myeong-joo, Yeoreum and Choi Jae-young. U-18 team coach and Lee Seong-gyu, U-15 team coach attended. 

In addition, various citizens and about 60 fans, including relic lenders, also attended, adding to its meaning. In particular, Incheon citizens and fans are said to have contributed to this event by lending their belongings to the special exhibition.

An official from the club said, “We plan to hold events that visitors can enjoy, such as holding a random keyring drawing event for fans who have watched the Incheon club game this year and who have authenticated real or online tickets. , Various club-related education and incidental events that Incheon citizens can enjoy will be prepared later,” he said. The exhibition held at the stadium will be open to all Incheon soccer fans for free.”

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