Jeong Seung-won, “Rumours? It’s not true… I will help Suwon more this year”

Jeong Seung-won denied the rumors that had recently emerged and told the story to the fans.

On the 27th, Suwon Samsung held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp at Shilla Stay Jeju, located in Jeju City. Head coach Lee Byeong-geun and Suwon players attended and revealed their preparations for the season and their aspirations.

Jeong Seung-won also participated. Jeong Seung-won is a player who made his name known in Daegu FC. Many fans fell in love with his flowery beauty, which could be called an idol, and his dedication to playing and his influence in the overall game. He was consistently selected for the national team by age group, and he built a reputation in Daegu by showing improvement every season. He has been playing for Suwon since the 2022 season.

Apart from his looks and skills, he is also a player with many stories outside of football. Jeong Seung-won, who overcame the controversy, has been plagued by rumors of discord recently. Jeong Seung-won, who said he was fake news, said in an interview that he was only focusing on preparing for the season. At the end of last season, when Suwon was fighting for relegation, he was unable to help, so he seemed determined to put more effort into this season.

Were you injured at the end of last season?

  • The recovery went well. He is receiving good treatment and managing diligently. I really wanted to play last year, but it was diagnosed that my muscles would be torn more and the breakaway period could be longer, so I couldn’t. It was a great regret. I couldn’t play, but this year I recovered well and I’m participating in all the training, so it’s encouraging.

How would you rate winter training so far?

  • The training intensity was high from Geoje Island. It was very hard and my body was heavy, but I am resting well now. After coming to Jeju Island and seeing the condition myself, I feel that it is getting better. I’ll add a little more Expectations are high as other players seem to be the same.

A lot of players entered the same position.

  • Joining a competitor in soccer is an unavoidable part. don’t think big It is right for players in good condition to play in every situation. The fact that good players come in means that the reinforcement of power is going well.

What role do you think you will be given?

  • Recently, I have been trying to figure out how to organize tactically and where to position myself. During training, I am concentrating on setting up a formation, when to attack, and in this case, to come in as a defense. There are times when I play a lot aggressively, but when I need to play defensively, I also position myself to come down and defend.
  • Played many positions. I watch the midfielder, watch the defense, and watch the wing forward. I am trying to match as many as possible.

If you think about it assuming that you play aggressively, it would be regrettable that Oh Hyun-gyu was omitted.

  • It’s a pity that a good player left. He really helped the team a lot. Still, he decides it’s a good thing because he’s gone to grow further. It’s even better because all the fans think that way. I hope you will accept it positively. The remaining players must unite. Wouldn’t it be better if we fit in better and have better organizational skills to fill the void?

I suffer a lot from a lot of rumors.

  • I think rumors are rumors. There is no clear evidence and content that has not been published in articles comes out in the community or in places like this, but general fans believe it. As a result, rumors become truth and only worsen my image. The recent rumors of a feud are absolutely not true. I’ve never done anything like that. 안전놀이터

would be negatively affected.

  • Not only me, but several players suffer from rumors. It doesn’t take a huge hit. Still, it definitely has an impact. What I really want to say is that I don’t want fans to fall for such rumors too much. I hope you do.

How would you convey your season aspirations to the fans?

-Last year, both the players and the fans, it was very difficult. Fortunately, I survived and stayed, but I want to have a better season this year. To be honest, I didn’t do very well last year. I hope that personally and the team will achieve good results, so that the fans will be happy and the players will have a good year.

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