‘KIM, don’t leave after one year’… Napoli pulled out the ‘salary increase’ card

SSC Napoli (Napoli) is struggling to catch Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae, who has emerged as the top center back in Italy Serie A beyond Napoli, is currently being courted by several big clubs. Kim Min-jae signed a contract with Napoli and set a buyout clause of about 50 million euros (approximately 67.1 billion won), but in the current atmosphere, it seems like an extremely insufficient amount to catch Kim Min-jae. In the case of the ‘Mammoth Club’ that wants to take Kim Min-jae, there is a high probability that it will not be difficult to spend around 50 million euros considering the social situation.

The Italian version of ’90MIN’ emphasized that Napoli do not want to lose Kim Min-jae in just one year. So, he mentioned that he was considering not only expanding the buyout clause but also ‘salary increase’.

“Napoli is preparing to adjust the annual salary in order to sign Min-jae Kim’s extension contract. Currently, Min-jae Kim’s salary is known to be 2 million euros (about 2.7 billion won) per year.” 안전놀이터

In fact, Kim Min-jae had already received a higher level than Napoli’s salary when he was playing for Beijing Guoan in the Chinese Super League. Therefore, it is inevitable that it will be difficult to catch Kim Min-jae only with the annual salary. Napoli must create a ‘reason’ for Kim Min-jae to remain. However, it is true that it is not easy to make the reason in competition with the Mammoth Club.

Meanwhile, Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti seems to be assuring Kim Min-jae to stay. ’90MIN’ commented, “Coach Luciano Spalletti has confidence in the success of the contract renewal, considering that Kim Min-jae has become the core of the team and is happy with life in the city.”

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