Kim Ha-seong, who has always bowed his head in the scoring position, ‘one hit’… ‘2 consecutive losses’ San Diego, end loss

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong broke the silence of the previous game and produced a hit. However, his batting average for the season actually fell.

Kim Ha-seong started as second baseman and 9th hitter in an away match against the 2023 Major League Atlanta Braves held at True East Park in Atlanta, Georgia, on the 7th (Korean time), and recorded 1 hit in 4 at-bats. The season’s batting average fell slightly from 0.294 to 0.286.

Ha-seong Kim got off to a good start, getting 4 hits in 3 games of the opening series against the Colorado Rockies. However, his recent hitting has not been very good. On the 4th, against the Arizona Diamondbacks, he connected his first arch of the season with his first walk-off home run in his major league debut, but went 1-for-8 over the next two days. However, once the silence was broken, it was successful.

The start of the day was not good either. At the end of the 3rd inning, where the score was 0-2, Ha-seong Kim started the game with a looking strikeout after being caught off guard by an outside slider at 85.1 miles (about 137 km) after a 4-pitch game with Atlanta starter Spencer Strider in the first at-bat with no runners out. However, he produced a hit straight away in his second at-bat.

Ha-seong Kim took the lead in the top of the 5th inning, trailing 3-4, and this time he won against Strider. Kim Ha-seong pulled the Strider’s 4th pitch (approximately 156.1 km) of the body fastball and pulled out a hit that fell between the left fielder and center fielder. It was a hit that got eaten, but thanks to the exquisite course, it led to a lucky hit. After that, Ha-seong Kim settled on the second base with Juan Soto’s walk, but the follow-up hit did not explode.

The silence in the 3rd and 4th at-bats in scoring chances was disappointing. In the third at-bat with 2 out and 3 base in the beginning of the 6th inning with Ha-seong Kim facing 4-4, he faced the changed pitcher Lucas Rousey. Ha-seong Kim attacked the 76.8 mile (approximately 123.6 km) breaking ball in the first pitch of the route, but failed to take advantage of the opportunity as it stopped at the third baseman ground ball. And he bowed his head once again with two out and third base in the eighth inning, leading 6–4.

On this day, both teams showed off a hot batting match. The first priority is Atlanta. Atlanta easily took the first run in the first inning with Austin Riley hitting a sacrifice fly in the first inning with Ronald Acuna Jr.’s double and 3rd base. Later, in the third inning, Orlando Arcia hit a runaway solo home run to widen the gap to 0-2.

San Diego turned the tide of the game at once. In the top of the 4th inning, Zander Bogaerts went to base on a pitcher grounder and Jake Cronenworth walked, Matt Carpenter hit a three-run homer with a line drive like a clothesline, and San Diego turned the game around 3-2. 바카라사이트

After that, a fierce battle began. Atlanta counterbalanced the chance created by Sean Murphy’s double in the bottom of the 4th inning when Kevin Peeler called home a runner. And on the following bases loaded, Matt Olsen got a push-out walk and turned the tide to 3-4. Then, in San Diego, Cronenworth hit a solo gun to tie the score in the 6th inning, bringing the game back to square one.

San Diego ran away 6-4 in the 8th inning, taking advantage of Atlanta’s changed pitcher Kirby Yates’ wild pitch and throwing error. However, in the bottom of the 8th inning, Atlanta scored 2 runs again and faced it again, 6-6, and hit a walk-off hit in the bottom of the 9th to win 6-7.

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