Kim Hee-jin fandom ‘Kim Hee-jin jucheopdan’ birthday celebration donation for children and youth in Busan

National volleyball player Kim Hee-jin (IBK Industrial Bank Altos)’s fandom ‘Kim Hee-jin Jucheopdan’ practiced warm sharing for children and youth in Busan in commemoration of the player’s birthday.

A non-profit foundation that supports children and young people, ‘Eum Foundation’ (Chairman Young-Hyun Noh) announced that the volleyball player Hee-Jin Kim’s fandom ‘Hee-Jin Kim Jujeopdan’ donated money for children and youth in Busan on the 29th of last month, the birthday of Hee-Jin Kim. 

‘Heejin Kim’, who attended the sponsorship certificate delivery ceremony held at the Ieum Secretariat on the afternoon of the 2nd, said, “We donated to Ieum, a non-profit foundation in Busan where the athlete was born and grew up, with the hope that it will be a meaningful gift to Heejin Kim, who likes children. decided,” he said. 

Kim Hee-jin, a sports star representing the Korean volleyball world, has personally practiced sharing by donating 50 million won to a child protection facility the year before last. Stars and fans are becoming an example of good influence by practicing good deeds together.  ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Noh Yeong-hyun, chairman of the Ieum foundation, expressed his gratitude, saying, “I feel that the relationship that Kim Hee-jin’s fandom ‘Kim Hee-jin Jujeopdan’ has with the Ieum Foundation is precious, and I will try to deliver more help to the children.” 

This donation will be supported in the name of Kim Hee-jin for living expenses and medical expenses for children and youth in Yeongdo-gu, Busan, where Hee-jin Kim was born and grew up. 

Eum Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by those who care about the future of children without any religious or political purpose. 

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