Kim In-hwan out, Williams at No. 2, recently struggling Chae Eun-sung back at No. 4, and why Hanwha is restructuring its batting order.

Nick Williams at No. 2 and Eun-sung Chae at No. 4.

The Hanwha Eagles are adjusting their batting order. Williams, a foreign-born batsman, will bat second in place of Kim In-hwan, who has struggled with his batting lately. Chae Eun-sung returns to the No. 4 spot after being dropped to No. 5 when Williams joined the team late last month.

The batting lineup, which has been hot in the last two weeks, has entered an adjustment period. It wasn’t a problem during the eight-game winning streak, but recently, chances have been blocked in the second, fourth, and fifth spots in the batting order.

Manager Choi Won-ho said on the 7th, “We need to break through. We need to organize the traffic in the batting order. If the SSG game hadn’t been canceled today, we would have adjusted the batting lineup.” Lee Jin-young, Williams, Noh Si-hwan, and Chae Eun-sung are the top three in the batting order.

Hanwha has been batting 1-5 since June 27 against KT Wiz, when Williams joined the team. They kept the 1-2 tablesetters Lee Jin-young and Kim In-hwan, but adjusted the cleanup trio. We put Williams between Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-sung. We aimed for the umbrella effect of Noh and Chae to intimidate opposing pitchers.

However, Kim In-hwan’s hitting has been off lately.

Choi said, “If I had played today, I would have used Kim Tae-yeon instead of Kim In-hwan. Kim In-hwan continued to show weakness against left-handed pitchers. I’m going to use Williams as the No. 2 for the time being.” 토토사이트

Kim In-hwan has struggled in his last six games, going 2-for-22 with a 9.1 OPS.

Williams has also struggled recently. After hitting his first home run against the Samsung Lions on June 30, his third game with the team, he hasn’t been as impressive. In his last four games, he is 3-for-18 with a 1-for-6 slugging percentage.

His inability to overpower opposing pitchers has led to him walking three times and facing Williams. This is the picture you want to avoid. Even Chae Eun-sung has sunk. In his last five games, he’s 1-for-5 (3-for-19).

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