Kim Jae-hyeon wins Super Race’s new season opening ‘Super 6000 Class’

Kim Jae-hyeon (Nexen-Volgas Motorsport) won the 2023 CJ Logistics Super Race Championship Super 6000 class opening match.

Kim Jae-hyun was the first to receive the checkered flag at the Super Race Championship Round 1 Super 6000 Class Final held at Everland Speedway in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province on the 22nd with a record of 40 minutes 46 seconds 394.

Kim Jae-hyeon, who gave up the position of ‘season champion’ by one point to Kim Jong-gyeom (Korea Atlas BX) in the cumulative points of Super 6000 class driver last year, raised expectations by winning the opening game of the new season.

In particular, since Atlas BX did not participate in this season, Kim Jong-gyeom did not participate in the tournament, so Kim Jae-hyun’s chances of becoming the ‘season champion’ are high. 스포츠토토

Following Kim Jae-hyun, Lee Chang-wook (Ecsta Racing) took second place with a time of 40 minutes 49 seconds 101, and Chung Eui-cheol (Nexen-Volgas Motorsport, 41 minutes 04 seconds 230) placed third.

Kim Jae-hyeon, who reached the final in third place in the qualifying round, took the lead from the first lap and did not allow overtaking even once. In particular, on his third lap, he wrote the best lap of 1 minute 55 seconds 090, and received an additional driver point with the ‘CJ Daehan Express Fastest Lap Award’.

Meanwhile, 12,317 spectators entered the Everland Speedway that day.

The second round of the Super 6000 class will continue on the 23rd at Everland Speedway.

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