“Kim Min-jae, a player that Real will bring with him for 177.4 billion won” Fenerbahce’s former colleague Min-jae Kim highly praised

“Kim Min-jae, the player Real Madrid will bring with 100 million euros”. 

Stephen Coker, who belonged to Min-jae Kim and Fenerbahce together, said in an interview published in Huriyet, “The player who replaced me was Min-jae Kim. He was an amazing player. Currently, Min-jae Kim is playing for Napoli and is having a good season. Fenerbahce is having a great season. I found a player who can be sold to Madrid for 100 million euros (147.7 billion won),” he praised Kim Min-jae.

Coker was pushed out of the race against Kim Min-jae. Therefore, it is possible to give a negative evaluation to Kim Min-jae. However, the evaluation of Kim Min-jae was cold. He was evaluated as a player with skill.  ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Kim Min-jae has established himself as the best player after moving to Naples. In Naples, he performed better than Fenerbahce, contributing greatly to Napoli’s challenge to win the Italian Serie A championship and the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

After moving to Naples, he grew up one step further. Kim Min-jae’s build-up ability and defensive cover ability got better at Napoli.

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