Kim Min-jae is a ‘monster’ in terms of talent and transfer fee… in the world’s top 11 + No. 1 among center backs

Kim Min-jae (26-Bayern Munich) has made another appearance in the World’s Best 11. This year’s list features the 11 most expensive transfers of the season.

TransferMarkt, a specialized soccer transfer site, released its list of the most expensive players by position for the 2023-24 season on Wednesday (Aug. 22). Kim Min-jae is included in the three-back lineup.

With a transfer fee of €50 million ($71.6 billion), Kim was the most expensive center back. He was joined on the list by Luca Hernandez (Paris Saint-Germain) and Wierien Timmermans (Arsenal). Hernandez cost €45 million ($64.5 billion) and Timberlake €40 million ($57.3 billion).

Hernandez and Kim Min-jae are closely linked. Hernandez’s departure from Munich to PSG paved the way for Kim’s move. Hernandez’s transfer fee to PSG was similar to that of Kim Min-jae. The Bavarians essentially got rid of Hernandez and kept Kim without spending much.

Many have called it a bargain. According to Transfermarkt, Kim is valued at €60 million ($86 billion). If he hadn’t had a buyout clause when he joined Napoli, some say he would have been worth more than €90 million ($129 billion). He arrived in a Munich shirt for a relatively low price, but so far this season, he’s the highest-priced center back in the world. 먹튀검증

In general, the higher up you go, the bigger the transfer fee. Declan Rice (Arsenal) and Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid) cost more than €100 million ($143.3 million). Rice’s €116.6 million ($167.1 billion) and Bellingham’s €103 million ($147.6 billion) are the highest transfer fees of the season.

Looking at the top 11, it’s clear that English Premier League (EPL) clubs have been the big spenders so far. Eight of the 11 players are from EPL clubs. Spain, France, and Germany have only one each. This season, the “big deals” are still happening in the EPL.

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