Klinsman shouts an attack… Can the Taegeuk Warriors follow?

The Korean national soccer team did not know that there was continuity. As the World Cup was held with a hard and tinkering leader, only ‘fighting spirit’ and ‘fighting spirit’ were emphasized without clear colors such as ‘Tiki-taka (Spain)’ or ‘Catenaccio (Italy)’.

At least, former coach Paulo Bento took over the national team for more than four years with a variable called the novel coronavirus (Corona 19), transplanting active and leading soccer to produce the achievement of advancing to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Of course, there is still a long way to go. Central defender Cho Yu-min (Daejeon Hana Citizen), who defended the 2-1 victory by playing for a total of 9 minutes as a last-minute substitute in the third match against Portugal, said, “Everyone looked very tired and focused on defending the victory. After the game, Hwang In-beom (Olympia Kos) and others even showed signs of dehydration.”

Behind Jo Yoo-min’s words, it seems to mean that our players’ stamina is still far from world-class in the World Cup. Since I couldn’t look at the knockout stage from the group stage and had to go all-in every game, I couldn’t control my stamina.

While recovering less, he played the round of 16 against Brazil and lost 1-4. The difference between the first half and the second half was that the game tilted sharply from the beginning and the mental burden was relieved, but it was not physically strong enough to withstand the round of 16.

what about the other teams? Japan, which showed a surprise game and advanced to the round of 16, is evaluated to have been disappointed with the tactical aspect rather than the physical strength. He showed his tenacity by leading the round of 16 match against Croatia to overtime. The consistent performance based on short passes made Croatia feel frustrated. The only problem was his attitude toward the penalty shootout, which depends on luck.

Iran did not abandon its tenacious defense-oriented swamp football. Even though they lost to England, they won against Wales, and the framework created by coach Carlos Queiroz has not been shaken for over 10 years. The young player was used to the same football. Although they did not pass the group stage, the image of being difficult to attack has become stronger.

K-League A coach, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “It was always like that in the World Cup, where our seniors, juniors, and classmates played, but I thought we were ahead in physical strength and inferior in technology. However, upon closer examination, physical strength was more of a problem. At least Qatar In the case of ”, the strategy and tactics were familiar to the players, and it was the result obtained by running the game in a similar pattern. It was positive that the national team players of each age showed familiarity even after entering the A national team.”

Coach Klinsman predicted attack-oriented football as a former striker. “A 4-3 win is better than a 1-0 win,” he said, emphasizing the hot attack. A 1-0 win requires the ability to defend, but a 4-3 win can lead to frantic offense and defense depending on the content of the match. 안전놀이터

Coach B of another team said, “To play the football coach Klinsman wants, you need to practice getting used to his soccer. ” he pointed out.

In a word, it means that the soccer coach Klinsman pursues should spread to the national team by age group and get used to it. This is the same as a great transformation of the entire soccer framework in Korea. When Bento brought up an active orientation based on build-up, the national team by age group and some teams in the K-League also tried to change in a similar style. This time, they said that they would operate aggressively, so they must have the stamina to run and the ability to digest tactics from an early age.

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