Korean baseball, WBC quarterfinals on March 15th and semifinals on March 20th

If Korean baseball passes the quarterfinals in the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held in March, the quarterfinals will be played on March 20th in Korean time.

Nikkan Sports, a Japanese sports magazine, reported in an online article on the 23rd that the WBC Organizing Committee updated its homepage on the same day, and the opponent became clear after the semifinals of the Japanese national team.

When I looked at the actual homepage, the WBC Organizing Committee put two annotations on the graphics of the main draw.

One of them is that ‘If Japan advances to the second round (quarterfinals), whether it is 1st or 2nd in Group B, it will play ‘2nd’ in the quarterfinals.

The WBC organizing committee assigned the order of the four matches in the quarterfinals.

1st and 2nd places in Group A competing in Taiwan, Taiwan, Cuba, Panama, Italy and the Netherlands, and 1st and 2nd places in Group B from Korea, Japan, Australia, China, and the Czech Republic competing in Japan, each in the quarterfinals. given twice.

Then, the 1st and 2nd places in Group C, where the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, and the United Kingdom face each other, and the 1st and 2nd places in Group D, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Israel, and Nicaragua, play 3 times and 4 times, respectively, in another quarterfinal match. put on 스포츠토토

The semi-final matches are compressed into quarterfinal matches 1-3 (March 20) and 2-4 (March 21).

According to the information announced by the WBC Organizing Committee on its website, if Japan advances to the quarterfinals regardless of the group stage performance in the first round of the finals, it will unconditionally play two quarterfinal matches against the countries in Group A on March 16th.

If the Japanese baseball team takes 1st place in Group B, they will compete for 2nd place in Group A and the semifinals on March 16 at Tokyo Dome, Japan, as originally scheduled.

If you place 2nd in Group B, originally, you will have a match against the 1st place in Group A on March 15th in the quarterfinals, but according to the changed clause, you will face off against the 1st place in Group A on March 16th.

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