Korean Olympic Committee successfully completed the 2nd International Competition Observer Program in 2023

The Korea Sports Council (Chairman Lee Ki-heung) held the ‘2023 2nd International Competition Observer Program’ in Gangneung City from the 21st to the 22nd in conjunction with the ‘2023 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships’. .

The International Convention Observer Program is where officials from sports organizations, local governments, and related organizations participate as observers at international conventions held in Korea, listen to lectures on the preparation and operation process for international conventions, and visit sports facilities and field operations. This is a program to acquire and cultivate knowledge and know-how related to competition preparation.

Currently, international organizations such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are conducting programs like this to create a legacy, and the Korea Sports Council has also held an observer program for the third year this year to support the improvement of international capabilities of sports organizations, local governments, and related organizations. are being held

This program was held in connection with the ‘2023 World Mixed Double Curling Championships’ in progress in Gangneung, Gangwon-do.

First, in order to improve the participants’ practical knowledge and understanding of the field, the Korea Curling Federation conducted a special lecture on the preparation and operation process of the competition and a tour of the competition facility. The Korea Sports Council gave a presentation on the hosting of the international competition and the entry and departure of participants. In addition, special lectures were held on the topic of ‘International Games from the Perspective of Local Governments’ by Daegu Metropolitan City Hall, and other practical lectures. It was well received.

In addition, in order to strengthen the connection between sports organizations, local governments, and related organizations, which are the two pillars of hosting and hosting international competitions, time was prepared to promote information sharing and expand human networks, such as introductions and presentations by each organization and meetings for mutual communication. 토스카지노

41 people from 24 organizations, including the Korea Football Association, Jinju Sports Association, Pyeongchang-gun Office, and Sports Safety Foundation, participated in this program, and sports facility operation and management organizations such as Jeonju Facilities Corporation and Yangju City Corporation also attended, providing a wide range of communication and information between participants. exchange took place.

A sports organization official who participated in the program said, “It was a very helpful time from a practical point of view through learning about the process of running the competition in other events. It was a meaningful time that helped,” he said.

The International Competition Observer Program is supported by financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, and the Korea Sports Council plans to continue to hold programs to improve the capacity and strengthen connectivity of sports organizations, local governments, and related organizations. .

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