‘Kwon Chang-hoon, 1 goal, 1 help’ Gimcheon, Jeonnam 2-1 win… Cheonan, a new team, first points

Professional soccer K League 2 Managing Director Kim Cheon won a come-from-behind victory over the Jeonnam Dragons with 1 goal and 1 help from Kwon Chang-hoon, a “late-year sergeant”.

Gimcheon won 2-1 in the Hanawon Q K League 2 2023 Round 8 home game against Jeonnam held at Gimcheon Sports Complex on the 19th.

As a result, Gimcheon recorded 5 wins and 2 losses (15 points), and had the same points and points (13 goals) as leader Gyeongnam FC (4 wins and 3 draws), but was behind in the difference in goal (Gyeongnam +9, Gimcheon +5) and placed second. Jeonnam marked 8th place with 3 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses (10 points).

Kim’s victory was not easy. 먹튀폴리스 The away team Jeonnam started aggressively with Hanam and Plana at the fore. In the end, Hanam scored the opening goal in the 26th minute of the second half and scored three goals in a row.

Kim Cheon, who was hit by a blow, turned the game around at the end of the second half. In the 37th minute of the second half, Lee Yoo-hyeon’s cross was scored by Kwon Chang-hoon with a sensational header shot, reviving the knight. Then, in the 43rd minute of the second half, Kim Min-jun, 5 minutes into the game, received a penetrating pass from Kwon Chang-hoon and scored a come-from-behind goal with a shot through the right corner of the goal.

Kim Cheon showed his concentration at the end of the game and scored two goals, resulting in a thrilling come-from-behind victory. Kwon Chang-hoon stood at the forefront of the comeback with one goal and one assist.

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