Kwon Hyun-min and Kim Hyun-joon’s 11 strikeout collaborations, Konkuk University and Korea University put a sudden brake on the success trail… Wonkwang University also strikes a blow at Song Won-dae, who has been defeated by Kim Hong-yoon and Choi Ji-min’s two-hit performance.

Korea University and Songwon University, which were on an undefeated march, were hit. Konkuk University suffered its first loss to Korea University and won 4 consecutive victories, while Wonkwang University defeated Song Won-dae, who had 5 consecutive victories, and won one loss each. In addition, in Group B, Hanyang University, Dankook University, and Yeoju University recorded 4 wins, forming a joint lead group with Inha University.

Konkuk University defeated undefeated Korea University to record 4 wins side by side.Konkuk University suffered its first loss to Korea University in Group A preliminaries held on the 29th Konkuk University had 10 batters in the top of the 6th inning against 1-1, tying up 4 hits and 1 walk, scoring 5 runs and winning 6-2, continuing its 4-game winning streak. Konkuk University starters Kwon Hyeon-min and Kim Hyeon-joon combined for 11 strikeouts, giving up 8 hits and 2 runs. On the other hand, Korea University’s Ji-heon Ji, who came out of the bullpen from the 3rd inning, collapsed with 4 ⅔2 innings, 8 hits, 4 walks, 4 strikeouts and 5 runs. Korea University was also inferior in hits, 8-10, and lost for the first time after 4 wins and 1 draw.

Dongguk University focused on 12 hits, including Kwon Dong-wook’s 4 at-bats and 3 hits (2 RBIs), as well as Jung Jun-jae, Kim Gyeong-hwan, and Lee Jae-ho’s multi-hits, winning the Seoul Culture and Arts University 10-0 in the 7th cold game and winning 3 wins and 1 loss. After a close match with Woongji Semudae, where they exchanged home runs, they won 9-4 and recorded their 2nd win (1 draw and 1 loss). Woongji Semudae fell into a three-game losing streak after one win.

Hanyang University, Dankook University,
Yeoju University, Inha University Formed Leading Group with 4 Wins In Group B (Hoengseong Baseball Stadium, Gangwon-do), Hanyang University, Dankook University, and Yeoju University won side by side, maintaining a joint lead group with Inha University with 4 consecutive victories, continuing the difficult battle.

Yeoju University won 9-2 against Shinan University in the 8th inning by cold game, and won their 4th win (1 draw and 1 loss). Yeoju University’s Kim Ji-yoon, who took over the mound from the second inning, allowed only 4 hits in 7 innings, striking out 8 and giving up 1 run. In the game, they pushed Jeju Tourism University to boost their momentum, but after that, they suffered 5 consecutive defeats.

Dankook University defeated Yonsei University 3-1 and also harvested its 4th win (1 draw and 1 loss). Dankook University led to a comeback with only one chance in the 4th inning. Following Park Moon-soon’s right-handed hit as the lead batter, Lee Tae-gyeom easily tied the score with a right-middle triple. The match was decided.

Yonsei University sent out runners in every inning except for the 8th inning, but only scored 1 run with Lee Woo-jin’s 1-run home run after 2 outs in the 4th inning, and 7 hits were sporadic. In particular, for Yonsei University, Kang Min-goo, who took over the mound from second and third base safely after starter Lee Seung-hoon gave up three runs, threw a tripartite in four innings, striking out eight with one hit in five innings, but was not supported by the other line. .

Hanyang University poured 17 hits against the underdog Seoul National University, winning 17-0 in the 7th cold game, and continued undefeated with Inha University (4 wins), which had no game on the day, with 4 wins and 2 draws.

Pusan ​​National University of Science and Technology, sole leader with 5 consecutive wins after 1 loss
In the Group C league, which continued at Pohang Baseball Stadium in Gyeongbuk, Pusan ​​National University of Science and Technology beat Gumi University 12-4 with 10 hits, including a home run by Kim Min-seong, in a cold game in the 7th inning, and won 5 consecutive wins after 1 loss. blew the whistle of For Pusan ​​National University of Science and Technology, starter Lim Dong-han allowed 3 runs in 3 innings, but Kim Baek-san, who came out as a bullpen, blocked 2⅓ innings with 1 hit, 4 walks and no runs. Gumi University gained momentum with 3 points in the first inning, but as a new team, it failed to overcome its limitations and lost 6 times in a row.

Dongeui Science University won a thrilling 4-3 come-from-behind victory over Kyungsung University and posted its second win (2 draws and 2 losses). In the bottom of the 5th inning when Dong-Eui Science University trailed by 1-3, Kim Rak-Hyun made a bunt following a superior double, and Han Jun-Seok’s infield hit in the 9th at 1 out 3 base followed by a run, followed by a tie-breaking triple by Yoo Je-Mo 1 through the middle left. Then, he stepped on the home ground with a follow-up infield grounder and turned around. Kyungsung University 2 wins 2 losses 크크크벳

Meanwhile, Yeungnam University beat Suseong University 4-1 to record 3 wins and 3 losses, and Korea Golf University won 10-8 after exchanging 27 hits with Jeju Tourism Organization, winning 2 wins (4 losses). raised Yeungnam University’s starting pitcher, Jin-yoon, gave up only 4 hits in 5 innings, 1 hit, 6 strikeouts and no runs, but scored 4 points with 10 walks (8 walks, 2 walks). On the other hand, Suseongdae overdosed 10 sand dunes and committed 5 wildfires, destroying itself. Suseong University lost 4 straight after 2 wins.

Meanwhile, Dong-Eui University and Dong-A University were tied 1-1. Dong-A University Jeong Seon-Woo (5 hits, 1 run in 4.1 innings) – Son Ju-Hwan (4.2 innings, no hits, 7 strikeouts, no runs) played a game without a hit and run, and Dong-A University played a four-pitch game with Jo Hyo-Jun (5.1 innings, 2 hits, no runs) – Choi Yoon-Seo (1.2 innings, 1 hit, 1 run). -You pitched well with Kang Young-woon (2 innings, 1 hit, no runs). Dong-A University has 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and Dong-A University has 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses.

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