“Large contract seems possible” Utah Clarkson refuses to extend contract

Jordan Clarkson (Utah) has confidence. He has a belief that if he gets on the free agency market he can win bigger contracts.

Local media SI (Sports Illustrated) reported that “Jordan Clarkson and Utah’s accompaniment has become unclear.”

According to the media, Utah recently offered Clarkson an extended contract, but Clarkson rejected it.

Clarkson is tied to a four-year, $51 million contract with a final-year player option. That means he can opt out and become a free agent after this season if he wants to. 안전놀이터

If so, Clarkson is expected to win a fairly large contract. This is because he is showing the best performance of his personal career this season. Clarkson, who has been used as a sixth man, has been playing all games since this season, and he is recording 20.6 points and 4.5 assists per game in 40 games.

He is a player with a spark of creativity who can play a crack role. He is likely to be highly regarded in the market.

In the upcoming FA (free agent) market, players are evaluated as weak compared to previous years. At the same time, the salary cap rises by 8.4%. From Clarkson’s point of view, this is an environment sufficient to aim for a big contract.

Of course, the compatibility with Utah is so good this season, so from a team perspective, accompanying Utah is an attractive option. But Clarkson wanted more options.

Of course, traveling with Utah is not impossible at all. Utah can discuss renewing the contract with Clarkson in the free agent market. It is true that priority has been lost. I had to negotiate with him on an equal footing with other teams.

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