“Learn the know-how of an active referee”… Successful completion of the 5th grade soccer referee certification course

The ‘5th grade football referee certification course’ hosted by the Seoul Football Association and sponsored by the Military Academy was held at the Military Academy in Gongneung-dong, Seoul for a total of 9 days from the 6th to the 14th.

It is a certification course where you can experience not only customized training to digest the main and assistant referees, but also theory, physical strength, and practical tests as a place to train new referees.

This course, which took its first step with a physical fitness test on the 6th, raised the satisfaction of the trainees by comprehensively handling all techniques to be reborn as referees, from theory training based on rules to actual training such as whistle, flag technique, and signal. 안전놀이터

An official from the Seoul Football Association and the Department of Physical Education of the Military Academy said, “The active referee visited the field and conducted practical training (participants), and the response was high.

Successful trainees can act as referees in the life soccer competition held by the local soccer association.

The soccer world is also welcoming it in that it can prepare a foundation for transfusion of young referees across professional, international, and sports for life, and have a wider talent pool and competitiveness.

This training course was successfully completed with financial and facility support from the Seoul Football Association and the Korea Military Academy.

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