“Lee Kang-in incident broke the team’s harmony”… Concerns about Mallorca’s next game

The conflict between Lee Kang-in and Mallorca is emerging as an issue in Spain.

On the 25th, Spain’s ‘Marca’ reported, “Lee Kang-in was angry with Mallorca. Despite the hot interest from other clubs, Mallorca informed Lee Kang-in that they would not allow him to transfer in January.”

Then, the media said, “Lee Kang-in is not happy in Mallorca. Lee Kang-in does not understand the January transfer ban policy. The club management has made it clear that they will not accept any offer.” added.

In addition, ‘Marca’ said, “Mallorca cannot lose one of the best players in the team. They will never sell it at a low price. Lee Kang-in is currently playing a key role in Mallorca. He is Mallorca’s best attacking option. At the end of this season Until then, there is virtually no possibility of a transfer,” he explained.

The match is held with Lee Kang-in and Mallorca’s opinions tense. This is the first game after Lee Kang-in and Mallorca collided. 메이저놀이터 The match against Cadiz in the Spanish Primera Liga will be held on the 28th.

Prior to this match, Spain’s ‘ultimahora’ was concerned about the Mallorca team’s atmosphere due to the Lee Kang-in incident.

The media reported, “Lee Kang-in incident occurred before the match against Cadiz. As a result, the attention to this match increased even more. Lee Kang-in incident prevented Mallorca from concentrating on Cadiz and broke the team’s harmony.”

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