Lee Kang-in Not Easily Sold?…’PL Love Call’ to Mayorka Growing Greedy to ‘Gojose’ Report

After seemingly letting Lee Kang-in off the hook, speculation has emerged that Mallorca could maintain their high profile as they did last winter.

The Mallorca midfielder started the final round of the 2022/23 La Liga season against Rayo Vallecano at the Estadio de Son Mossi in Mallorca, Spain, on Friday (Sept. 5) and contributed one assist to the team’s 3-0 win.

Lee was able to add one more assist to his tally on the final day of the season, assisting Jose Copete’s goal from a corner kick in the 25th minute, finishing the season with six goals and six assists in the league.

Lee has been one of Mallorca’s best performers this season, and this is likely to be his last game for the club. Several clubs, including Atletico Madrid, are already preparing to make a move for Lee, and it appears that Mallorca have come to terms with his departure.

Fans chanted his name and remembered his last game with chants of “Lee Kang-in, stay Lee Kang-in”.

However, local media in Spain have suggested that Mallorca may not be willing to let Lee go so easily, raising the possibility that Lee’s summer transfer window has been thrown into turmoil.

On June 6, Spanish media outlet Copa reported on Lee’s summer transfer, saying, “The player who will decorate Mallorca’s summer is Lee Kang-in.”

“After a great end to the season, Lee has been linked with a move in the near future. He doesn’t know how many days he has left as a Mallorca player. No one can be sure, but there will be offers and it has been taken for granted that it will be impossible for him to stay at Mallorca.” 스포츠토토

“Mallorca are aware that Atletico Madrid are interested in him, but it’s not clear how much they will pay. They have made it clear that they will not sell him easily, especially as there is also interest from the Premier League,” he said, explaining that Mallorca could demand a transfer fee as high as they did last winter.

In fact, Mallorca refused to accept a transfer last winter, insisting on a buyout payment to avoid giving up the centerpiece of their team.

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