‘Let’s stick with FC HONG!’ Ulsan, 2023 season ‘beat Hong Myung-bo!’ Challenge Team Recruitment

Ulsan Hyundai’s community closeness program ‘Beat Hong Myung-bo’ continues in the 2023 season.

Since 2018, Ulsan has hosted an exchange match between a team composed of managers, coaching staff, and secretariat staff and local sports soccer clubs (clubs). Exchange matches, which have been carried out for the purpose of promoting the club and expanding the soccer base, resumed from the 2022 season after taking a short break in the aftermath of Corona 19.

‘Beat Hong Myung-bo’, which resumed after about two years last season, not only matched up with ‘Judang FC’ and ‘FC Fire’, which were made up of local self-employed people, but also matched up with ‘Ulsan Social Worker FC’, which was made up of workers in social welfare organizations. purpose and objectives have been achieved. 안전놀이터

‘Beat Hong Myung-bo’ does not end with a one-time event match with team members, but includes a group viewing of Ulsan’s home game by participating clubs. Thanks to this fruitful composition, the Ulsan club is seeing the effect of skinship with sportsmen, expansion of soccer base, and increase in spectators. Above all, due to the nature of the program as a friendly match, the so-called ‘enjoyable football’ leaves a meaningful memory for all participants. A commemorative photo shoot with coach Hong Myung-bo and the coaching staff after the game is a bonus.

The application for the first match of the 2023 season of’Beat Hong Myung-bo’, which is in its 6th year this year, is possible until noon on the 16th (Sun). The game schedule is from 5:30 to 6:30 pm on Monday, 27th, and the selected team will be provided with a place, drinks, and other items necessary for the game.

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